1951 Bowman Baseball Set Break with PSA Graded Mickey Mantle Rookie

You Can Buy Into the Set Break With Our Sister Company, Vintage Breaks!
  • January 18, 2022

1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie Card-1

Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, is offering spots in a set break for a complete 1951 Bowman Baseball set that includes a PSA-graded Mickey Mantle rookie card!  See how you can buy into the card breaks for a shot at the Mick.

We love teaming up with our sister company, Vintage Breaks, especially when it could help you land a Mickey Mantle rookie card!  Vintage Breaks is offering spots in a set break of a complete 1951 Bowman baseball set, and included is a PSA-graded 3 Mickey Mantle rookie card!


Bowman released a 324-card set in 1951, with the cards measuring 2-1/16" by 3-1/8.  The set size and card dimensions are larger than their 1950 set, and what a season to do it in - Mickey Mantle's rookie year.
You may be more familiar with the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card, but Bowman was first to picture the the three-time baseball MVP on a card.  The 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle is The Mick's true rookie card.

Not only is Mantle in the set but you can also find the rookie card of Willie Mays, along with dozens of other legendary players like Yogi Berra, Roy Campanella, Duke Snider, Whitey Ford, Ted Williams, and more.

Mantle and Mays are in the "high numbers" end of the sent - cards #253 to #324.  High-numbered cards are tougher to find and more valuable. 


1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie Card-1

Willie Mays Rookie Card

This is your opportunity to take home the Mickey Mantle rookie card!  Vintage Breaks is offering a set break with the complete 1951 Bowman baseball set. 

  • 324 spots 
  • Mickey Mantle rookie graded PSA 3
  • Willie Mays rookie graded PSA 2.5
  • Whitey Ford Rookie graded SGC 3.5
  • Duke Snider PSA 3

Those are just a few of the graded highlights; EVERY card in the set will be in the break.  As there are 324 cards in the set, only 324 spots in the break will be sold - this ensures that you will take home a card from the set.  The list of name is always randomized LIVE on the show as the break occurs; you have the same chance as everyone else in the break to land the cards you desire. 


These beautiful cards came out the year that the first baseball game was televised in color (Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers August 11th, 1951)! Imagine - the card you can own came out before a ball game was televised in color.

For all information on the 1951 Bowman baseball set break and how you can purchase a spot for only $195 per spot, click this button:



Here is a video of Vintage Breaks completing a set break of 1956 Topps baseball cards so you can see how the set breaks work:


Do you have a Mickey Mantle rookie card or any other 1951 Bowman cards you're interested in selling? We are always buying!


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