2020 World Series Collectible Tickets May be Rarest of All

Zero Hard Copy Tickets Currently Known
  • October 23, 2020


With zero fans being allowed in most baseball stadiums all season, one of the rarest collectable items to come out of the 2020 MLB season may be hard copy tickets.  A usual hot item this time of year, a World Series stub, may be the most elusive collectable of all.

Covid-19 has prevented us from stepping foot into a baseball stadium all season.  It wasn't until the NLCS when a limited amount of fans were allowed to attend a game.  From a collectable standpoint, a rare item from 2020 could be a super-hot commodity: tickets.


As a collector, keeping a ticket stub from a game an awesome memento. Perhaps a piece to retell the story of your first game.  Maybe you brought your kid to their first event.  How about a no-hitter?  Two no-nos were tossed this season, and a ticket cannot be had. MLB is not going to issue a ticket for a game at which fans were not allowed inside the stadium, right?

The most sought-after ticket each season is the World Series ticket.  More so if you're a fan of team representing their respective league.  With the Dodgers and Rays dueling it out for October glory, MLB did open the gates to Globe Life Park to 11,500 eager baseball fans, leading us to think that hard copy tickets would be ready to add to our PC.  Think again!

2020 World Series tickets were sold in download format only here.  There is a strict policy about selling tickets only to family, too.  

Kudos to MLB for adhering to a great safety policy, and I'd imagine a hard ticket that could transfer Covid is the exact reason only downloaded tickets have been available.

IF ... IF hard copy World Series tickets from 2020 are printed at the stadium, expect collectors to pay a massive sum!  Game 1 of the 2019 World Series had an attendance of 43,339; plenty of tickets to buy and display.  With just 11,500 fans for Game 1 of 2020, even if hard copy tickets did surface, we're already in the rarified air here.


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