1 Week Until National

A blog post a day until the 2012 National in Baltimore!
  • July 23, 2012


I have never posted in this format before, but as the owner of Just Collect, I thought it would be interesting to tell you a little bit about the week before the biggest sports collectibles convention of the year.  Yesterday I spent a few hours with my wife Julie, and our 9 month old puppy, Argon, at a dog beach in Manasquan, NJ.  We had a blast, and were able to get some much needed relaxation, but as you can imagine, there really are no off days in the biz, as I was scheduling our eBay auctions and catching up on emails later that night. Today, has been really busy because we had a ton of great auctions close last night, and everything must get shipped out!  Robert, who is in charge of shipping, unfortunately is out sick, which makes things more hectic around the office - but the rest of the staff is making up for his absence.   Robert-we hope you feel better soon! We also received a 1948 Bowman Basketball mid-grade complete set on consignment this afternoon - which we are going put up for auction over the next couple of weeks. On top of all that, we are staying very busy with our last minute preparation for the National, which is only a week away! It's about 6 pm now, and I have some more work I'd like to get done today, but I was really hoping to get out to the driving range. I haven't gone in weeks, but the weather looks a little shaky, so back to work it is! Tomorrow night we are keeping the office open until 8pm, getting all hands on deck, as we continue to prepare for next week. Have a great night! Leighton


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