1922 W573 Grover Cleveland Alexander Chicago SGC 84

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  • April 20, 2013
During the 1920s, there were few ‘mainstream’ issues of baseball cards.  The tobacco era that gave us the T205 and T206 sets, not to mention several others, was pretty much over. If you wanted baseball cards during the Ruth-Gehrig Yankee era, you usually looked to your local candy counter.  That’s where they were often distributed with pieces of candy. Amid our auctions this week is one of those cards.  This one somehow managed to avoid the ravages of time to remain in near mint condition:  a 1922 W573 strip card of Grover Cleveland Alexander, graded SGC 84.  That makes it the absolute best card of its kind that SGC has ever graded. The W573 issue is quite similar to the E120 American Caramel series.  They’re quite rare and generally very well received by collectors who love the ornate borders that tend to exemplify the roaring 20s era so well. The Alexander card features the legendary pitcher beginning his windup, with his hands over his head.  Well centered with very nice eye appeal, it’s already attracted strong interest. These are the type of rare, higher grade cards we offer each and every week as our legion of consignors keeps us supplied with great cards.  Please bookmark our auctions as new items are listed each week.     


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