1952 Topps Baseball PSA Cards

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  • June 01, 2013
It could rain 1952 Topps baseball cards from now until August and there still wouldn't be enough to satisfy the demands of collectors around the world.  Topps’ first ‘real’ set of cards is such a popular one that it took only a couple of hours this week for a very nice group of more than 50 singles we've placed on eBay to start drawing bids. The ’52 Topps set is what really launched the war with Bowman Gum for bubble gum supremacy.  Using the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy, Topps created a set that kids would talk about.  Sy Berger’s vision turned out to big a big hit, even if cases of high numbers wound up being dumped into the ocean when they didn't sell after few years. Collectors tend to chase the best cards  they can afford and that’s why we’re excited to offer this group.  These are cards that look great to the eye and carry respectable grades between 6 and 7 (with a few higher); a few are among the highest at their level and there’s one particular high number card attracting a ton of interest. Piecing the 1952 Topps set together takes time.  At over 400 cards, it was the largest mainstream bubble gum card set ever produced to that point.  Collectors are often content to take on the task one by one.  There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a 61-year-old card of Luke Easter, Wally Post or Del Crandall! At Just Collect, we pride ourselves on finding cards that collectors like—those that look really nice regardless of what the numeric grade might be.  You seem to appreciate that, judging by the interest our vintage cards receive each week.  It’s the best of both worlds—you get to own really nice cards without paying ‘mint’ prices and we get happy customers. Be sure to bookmark our auctions because you never know when more ’52 Topps like these will come down the pike, but for now, we hope you'll get in on the action and put a dent in your want list.   


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