1952 Topps: The Hobby's Best

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  • June 29, 2012
There’s no sense beating around the bush so we’re just going to admit it. We’re in love with 1952 Topps baseball cards. We love to buy them.  We love to sell them.  We love to help people sell them and we love to help other people buy them.  We just can’t get enough of them. And what’s not to like?  Topps’ first ever major baseball card set is enormously popular.  If you’re selling, you’ll get good money for what you have.  If you’re buying, you can pick your price level and still get in the game. The high-end graded cards we sold about a month ago brought dozens of bids from a lot of our loyal customers who are building some of the hobby’s best all-time 1952 Topps sets.  They sold for hundreds of dollars each—commons, mind you. This week, we’re offering a huge selection for the collector who just wants nice cards without breaking the bank.  We have 88 of them in all, mostly graded PSA 5 and PSA 6.  We often tell buyers that there are some great cards inside those “mid grade” holders.  You can build a very nice, crease-free collection in that grade range.   Best of all, all of these have ultra low minimum bids. A lot of great names from the past are on the block.  There’s a Dom DiMaggio.  A Monte Irvin.  A Joe Garagiola.  Even cards of both Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain if you want to set up your own “Spahn, Sain and Pray for Rain” tribute. The 1952 Topps set will always be a hobby favorite as collectors continue to chase these big, beautiful cards now celebrating their 60 th anniversary.  If you have some to sell, please call or write.  We can auction them for you to maximize their potential or cut you a check so you get paid quickly if you need cash right away.        


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