1955 Topps Sandy Koufax Rookie PSA 6

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  • July 18, 2014
What would have happened if there was no teachers strike in Brooklyn in the early 1950’s, and Sandy Koufax had been able to play baseball at Lafayette High School? What if he played baseball, and not basketball, at the University of Cincinnati? What would have happened if his mother, Mrs. Braun, hadn’t remarried and he hadn't taken the adopted last name of Koufax? What if the Reds, Pirates, Braves or New York baseball Giants had signed him in 1954, and not his hometown Brooklyn Dodgers? The answer to all of those questions is simple:  we would never have seen “The Left Arm of God” take the mound for the Brooklyn or Los Angeles Dodgers, and we wouldn't be graced with this stunning 1955 Topps rookie card.  Thankfully, everything did work out, and Koufax is now one of the most collected players throughout the hobby. The 1955 Topps Koufax rookie card, #123, is his most desirable of the more than two dozen cards Topps produced during his career. This example is reasonably centered for an issue plagued with centering problems, and has bold coloring and sharp registration.  The card back contains statistical and biographical data, and a neat “True or False” trivia question.  The 1955 Topps set is the first horizontally formatted set published by the chewing gum giant.  Adding to the allure and continued demand of this set is the inclusion of fellow rookies and Hall of Famers Roberto Clemente and Harmon Killebrew.  A Sandy Koufax rookie card, in this condition, has, been trending upwards of $500 in recent sales. Sandy overcame early wildness to rank among the all time strikeout leaders, appear in seven All-Star Games, four World Series, and led his National League peers numerous times in Wins, ERA and Strikeouts, as well as tossing four no hitters, including one perfect game. What if… you were able to add this Hall of Fame rookie card to your collection?  No need to ask the question any more, as this card is currently available via our eBay auction.  Don’t miss out.


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