1972 Topps Football Wax Pack Opening

Watch the Video to See the Pulls!
  • July 03, 2013

 Often hailed the “First and Last” set, the 1972 Topps Football set featured the inaugural appearance of the “Leader” and “Pro Action” cards in the 1st Series and ironically, was also the last year that Topps issued football cards in series.  The 1st Series packs boast 10 cards, with the potential of Hall of Fame rookie cards of John Riggins and Ted Hendricks as well as many other greats of the gridiron.  We haven’t opened a vintage football pack in months, so we were rather excited at the prospects that awaited us.  With a steady hand, the seal was broken and we were greeted by Pro Football Hall of Famer and Chiefs legend, Willie Lanier.  A few nondescript commons, a Jim Kiick Pro Action and then, a Terry Bradshaw . . . alas, the Pro Action.  They didn’t quite put us in the end zone because of the cards being off-center, but we still made it into scoring position and with the blisteringly sharp condition of these cards, we’re sure to get a Touchdown.  While this was the first pack we opened, it certainly won't be the last!


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