Jerry Rice Autographed Rookie Card

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  • November 08, 2012

One of the more underrated segments of the hobby might be autographed rookie cards, especially those signed by Hall of Famers.   Already valuable by themselves, cards that have been signed represent something really unique and turn what may be one of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of standard issue rookies into something special. This week, we’re offering a 1986 Topps Jerry Rice rookie card that’s not only graded a very respectable PSA 7, it’s been signed boldly in black Sharpie by the man most consider to be the greatest wide receiver in National Football League history.  Our asking price is $150, a price that’s reasonable for a Rice autograph alone—let alone a rookie card.  We can’t imagine a scenario where this card would not appreciate over time.  At the very least, it’s a great conversation piece!

The card carries an authentication hologram and presents very well.  PSA/DNA Certification means it has already been registered properly. Rice’s brilliant career made his rookie card into one of the most iconic football cards of all-time.  Records, Super Bowl rings, Pro Browl trips and that indelible attachment to 49ers’ quarterback Joe Montana have ensured his place in history. The 1986 Topps Rice rookie is of the most condition sensitive cards from the 1980s.  The green borders often reveal chipping and even the slightest corner wear.  When cards are handled even slightly, such as this one was when it was given to Rice to sign, they can exhibit signs of wear.  PSA 9 graded examples of the card (without an autograph) regularly trade for $200 and higher. A near mint copy with an autograph would seem to us to be a more enjoyable item to own.  This is a unique chance to own a great piece of football history!


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