T206 Cy Young Cleveland Bare Hand Shows PSA 2.5 Sovereign Back

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  • December 29, 2012
It would take all day to list the reasons why the T206 baseball card set is such an icon within the hobby but really all you have to do is look at the players in the set.  Some of them are almost mythical and that description aptly fits Denton True “Cy” Young.  He began pitching in the 1890s and didn't stop until he'd entered a new century and racked up 511 wins.  Today, of course, baseball’s premier pitching honor is named after him and many of the records he set will likely never be broken.  Incredibly, you can own an original Cy Young T206 card for a fairly limited outlay if you’re not insistent on high grade cards. This week, we're offering a chance for bidders to own one of the hobby’s coolest pre-War cards.  The T206 Cy Young ‘bare hand shows' issue, graded PSA 2.5.  Despite the relatively modest grade, it presents very, very well. The ad for Sovereign is one of the more rare backs found in the T206 set, comprising only about two percent of the overall population in PSA’s Population Report. Collectors know that the combination of Hall of Famer players and scarce backs often leads to monetary appreciation down the road.  Most fans of the T206 set believe it to be one of the most handsome cards in the set, showing off the great hurler in a gray uniform that stands out amid the bright colors of the sky and the green grass of the diamond.  Young appears on more than one T206 card but the "bare hand" pose is the most interesting. We always encourage collectors to buy the best card they can afford and when it comes to T206 Cy Young cards, this one is a true gem that may be within reach of the collector or investor.     


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