T206 Joe Tinker SGC 84

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  • December 16, 2012
Would you like to own one of the 11 best known T206 Sweet Caporal back Joe Tinker cards in existence?  Just Collect is giving you that opportunity this weekend.  We’re very excited to be selling an absolutely blazing SGC 84 graded card featuring the Hall of Fame shortstop and from the looks of the bidding, collectors are too. The card features extremely beautiful color despite its century-old pedigree.  The corners are sharp and the centering is outstanding.  T206 cards are very difficult to find in such high grade and this one especially has been a challenge.  It’s one of just six cards at this level (only one is better) on the SGC Population Report and there are only four Sweet Caporal Tinkers at 7 or better on PSA’s list. It’s very rare that high grade Tinkers from the T206 set come up for bid.  In fact, we haven’t seen one this good hit the market in five years. Joe Tinker, of course, was part of the Cubs’ famous early 20 th century infield immortalized in “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon” poem.  It was written in 1908 by Franklin Adams, from a Giant fan’s perspective: These are the saddest of possible words: Tinker to Evers to Chance. Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds, Tinker and Evers and Chance. Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble, Making a Giant hit into a double – Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble: Tinker to Evers to Chance. Tinker was more than just a line in a poem, though.  He helped the Cubs to four pennants in five years, all while feuding with Evers. In our opinion, whether you’re collecting for fun or investing, you can’t lose with a T206 Hall of Famer in near mint condition. It’s a solid place to put your money. Buy this one and you’ll be part of a very small club.  Bidding closes Sunday night so hurry if you’re ready to make the move.  If you don’t think you can afford it, we've got a lot of other great cards up for bid this week, too, from all eras.  And, of course, if you’re looking to sell your top quality sports cards and memorabilia, please let us know.  We’ll buy them  outright or you can consign them with us and we’ll put them up for auction.     


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