T206 Tobacco Baseball Cards w/ American Beauty Backs

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  • September 13, 2013
Collectors of T206 cards will respect the uniqueness and scarcity of some of our listings this week.  We have a group of 12 different cards from this popular 1909-1911 series that came out of American Beauty cigarettes. While not the most rare of all of the various T206 advertising backs, American Beauty variations are not easy to find. One thing advanced collectors know is that AB cards are actually a little more narrow than others because the cigarette packs they came out of were slightly smaller than their more common counterparts. Today, American Beauty backed T206s are very desirable.  Many of those we’re offering this week represent the entire population of that particular card at that grade level. PSA has only graded three Miller Huggins American Beauty backs and we have one of them among our weekly auctions, which close Sunday night. The ‘no frame’ variations are the most rare of the American Beauty backs and we have one of those as well (Jeff Sweeney, graded PSA 3). Even if chasing all of the rare backs in T206 isn't your thing, these cards do represent a rare chance to own at least one. Scarce T206 cards represent not only a great vintage collectible but have proven to be a pretty wise long-term investment.   


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