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  • June 04, 2020

If we dropped a $2,000 credit in your pocket right now, what dream sports card pack would you love to open? Perhaps you have a hard time choosing between chasing a vintage, pack-fresh 1966 Topps Mickey Mantle or Zion Panini Silver Prizm rookie. Maybe we can make it easier on you and just let take home the HOTTEST card on the planet right now; a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card! The $2,000 and MJ rookie are just 2 of 28 huge prizes in our special Pieces of History event that ends this Sunday, June 7th. The best part of the event – you can win by buying a spot for as little as THREE dollars. Check out the full list of prizes you may win Sunday, and how simple it is to enter our big contest!

You could win one of 28 free prizes this Sunday, June 7th at 10:00 PM EST., and trust us – this prize list is INCREDIBLE.  From the time you read this until 10 PM on Sunday night, we have our special Pieces of History, The Jordan Era, event running.   On the heels of The Last Dance, the ESPN Michael Jordan Documentary following the 1998 Chicago Bulls, MJ cards have been on fire.  We want to give you the opportunity to win some of MJ’s most sought-after cards, or put some break credit into your lap and let you get in the pack breaks in hopes of pulling a Jordan right out of a pack!

There are TWO contests running through Vintage Breaks.  

  • VIP Promo has 3 prizes, including THE card you want.
  1. A PSA 7 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card
  2. $2,000 in store credit to
  3. First Off the Line 2019 Panini Prizm Basketball Box

For every $1,000 you accumulate spending at Vintage Breaks from May 12th up to June 7th at 10:00 PM EST., you will receive one entry into the VIP Promo.  There is no limit to the number of entries either.  If you spend $2,000, you’ll receive two entries, etc.   This is an accumulation; if you unsure of how much you have spent, please reach out any time at (732) 828-2261, or contact Sam at  Imagine if you spent $999 between 5/12 and today – do NOT miss out on a chance of winning a FREE Michael Jordan rookie card.

  • Buy ANY Spot Promo has 25 (!) prizes.

ANY spot you buy on Vintage Breaks between May 12th and June 7th at 10:00 PM EST. gets you one entry into the giveaway.  There is also no limit for entries in this promo! If you buy two items on our site, you have two entries into the promotion.  If you buy one full pack of cards – that’s not one entry; that could be 12 entries as you’re buying 12 spots in the pack!   The greatest part of this promo is that we have spots that cost as little as $3.00 on the site.  Just three dollars gets you an entry for one of these awesome prizes:

  1. 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie PSA 3
  2. 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 7
  3. $500 Break Credit to
  4. $250 Break Credit to
  5. 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan
  6. 2019 Prizm Basketball Blaster Box
  7. $100 Break Credit to
  8. 1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie PSA 9
  9. 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie SGC 8
  10. 1959 Topps Sandy Koufax SGC 4.5
  11. 2009 Upper Deck Jordan Legacy HOF Edition Basketball Box
  12. $50 Break Credit
  13. $50 Break Credit
  14. $50 Break Credit
  15. 1979 Topps Baseball Cello Pack
  16. 1982 Topps Baseball Wax Pack
  17. 1983 Donruss Baseball Wax Pack
  18. 1984 Donruss Baseball Wax Pack
  19. 1983 Topps Football Wax Pack
  20. 1984 Topps Football Wax Pack
  21. 1989 Score Football Wax Pack
  22. 1978 Topps Basketball Wax Pack
  23. 1981 Topps Basketball Wax Pack
  24. 1980 Topps Hockey Wax Pack
  25. 1984 OPC Hockey Wax Pack


A Michael Jordan rookie, a second-year MJ, a 2009 Upper Deck Jordan Legacy box, and $3,000 in break credit total to chase a Jordan are up for grabs in our Jordan Era, Pieces of History event!

Maybe you’re missing football as much as we are, too.  Do you see what the grand prize is for the Buy Any Spot promo? Imagine buying a $3.00 spot into our 1991 Stadium Club Football pack and winning the promo!  Turning $3.00 into a free $1,500 Joe Namath rookie sounds OK to us.

  • Golden Ticket Promo

We also want to add in another prize! Wait, you said two promos…   This prize is included with the VIP promo; no extra purchases needed! Spending $1,000 in the VIP promo is a lot of money given the current state of the economy.  Not only do we want to show our thanks by giving away the MJ rookie, but we’d like to show our appreciation with a GOLDEN TICKET entry for:

  1. Round-Trip flight to the 2020 National Sports Convention in Atlantic City, NY. (December 2020)
  2. Free hotel for 2 nights
  3. A Super VIP Ticket for the weekend
  4. Meet and Greet with a Hall of Famer (to be announced at a later date)

If you spend at least $1,000 and are entered into the VIP Promo, you’re automatically entered into the Golden Ticket promo!   The VIP list will be randomized after the prizes are awarded Sunday night, and if your name is on top of the second list for the Golden Ticket, you have won our SIXTH Golden Ticket!  There are 10 total golden tickets being given away.  Once all 10 tickets have been awarded, all 10 names will be randomized and one winner gets the whole pot – flights, hotel, ticket, and a meet and greet at the National!

HOW TO ENTER THE PROMOS:  If you’ve never been on our site before, head to  In the upper right, press the LOGIN button.  Press the word REGISTER in the popup box.  Enter your name and address, and just like that – you’re registered to buy.  Browse the site and when you see your favorite product, press the Add to Cart button.  Pressing the View Cart button will show you the product in your cart, and allow you to change quantities.  If you would like two spots in a pack, or break, simply change your quantity in the shopping cart from one to two.  Once you checkout and complete your purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail from us that lists out your order details.  When the pack fills, you and other breakers that purchased a spot in the pack will have your names randomized in a list during the next live break and you’re ready to hopefully pull a monster.   Oh – AND you’re then automatically entered into our BUY ANY SPOT Promo!  If you spend $1,000, you’re placed into the VIP Promo + Golden Ticket giveaway!  You get the purchase AND promo entries. Sunday night at 10:00 PM, we’ll randomize the lists of all entrants live on-screen.  You’ll see the dice roll and randomizing of your name right on the screen.  Watch all the action on our Facebook or YouTube pages. We’ll also be live on Twitter, Twitch and Perisope.  If you’re a current, loyal breaker, just do exactly what you’ve been doing – buy your favorite packs and we’ll see you Sunday!


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Hit junk in your purchased break before the big event?  We are collectors, too; we know how the game goes at times.  There is nothing worse than spending $3.00 on a spot and you pull a 1991 Stadium Club card 263, Stan Thomas, rather than a sweet Brett Favre rookie.  A little expensive to spend $3.00 on a junk card when you can buy a full pack on eBay for $5.00 – we get it.  Just ask yourself – have you even been able to get to a post office lately?  How much is the price to ship an item?  When is the last time Walmart, eBay, or your local LCS has even had card savers?  No – too much – and months ago, right?  If you looked at the order in your cart, you’ll notice that you aren’t paying for shipping…or tax.  Your spot, be it $3.00 or $300.00 includes tax and shipping.  Your cards will always come in a card saver to protect the order.  eBay charges you fees, tax, usually shipping, and you’re gambling on the seller having a card saver.  Most importantly, you’re not entered into winning a free prize buying that pack from a private seller – no MJ rookies being handed out there.  On our end, this is practically at cost!  If there are 12 breakers in one pack, we actually need to spend delivery fees on 12 different shipments.  Rather than looking at possibly getting a dud, you might actually pull the monster in your current or next pack.  Picture pulling the 1984 Star Michael Jordan BGS 8 in the Complete Set Break for $125 and then winning the 1987 Fleer Jordan for free in the promo.  That Star Jordan in an 8 is selling for about $8,000 today.  Few options – you can sell that card right back to Just Collect for cash, or keep it as a center piece of your personal collection.   Maybe we’ll even see you at the National, cheesing it up with a HOF’er on us.

With Covid still keeping your local card shop either closed or offering curb side delivery only, you probably can’t even browse products.  Take as long as you’d like to window shop on our site; that’s free.

While you’re browsing, imagine what you’d do if you won one of our promo prizes this weekend.  Even at spot 20, a 1984 Topps Football Wax Pack would be so cool – Marino or Elway rookies graded PSA 10 are $$$.  Marino just sold for over $2,600 and Elway at $3,500.  Fourth place with that 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan would look nice on your shelf.   Maybe you’ll win that $2,000 break credit in the VIP Promo – still thinking about what you’ll buy?  Reach out in the Vintage Breaks Buy and Sell Facebook group and chat!  Toss some ideas around and trade fun thoughts with the community.


To view all of the prizes yourself, and some videos of big Jordan breaks, check out the full event page here.  Hope to see you live on Sunday night!


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