Brien Taylor Former Top Pick by the Yankees Gives Rare Interview

From #1 Pick to Bust to Prison, Brien Taylor Joins Jeff Jackson's Podcast and Talks Career
  • January 12, 2022


Brien Taylor 1992 Yankees

Remember Brien Taylor?  The can't-miss fireballer of a pitcher taken number one overall in the 1992 draft by the New York Yankees.  An injury sustained in a fistfight ruined his career before even reaching the majors. You probably wondered what ever happened to Brien Taylor after chasing his 1992 Topps baseball card!  Taylor sat down for a rare interview on the Jeff Jackson podcast. 

Brien Taylor was a legend in the making. In his Senior year of High School, Taylor pitched 88 innings to a microscopic ERA of 0.48 and struck out 213 batters. For comparison, Jacob deGrom, a two-time Cy Young winner, pitched 92 innings in 2021 and struck out 146 batters. Taylor was drafted first overall in the 1992 MLB draft; the future of the New York Yankees. A then-record 1.5-million dollar signing bonus came and the hype was on. You chased his 1992 Topps rookie card from packs that season, stockpiling for the day Taylor makes the Hall of Fame.  Then - it was gone.  One thrown punch derailed his entire career before he ever made it to the Major Leagues.  Twenty years later, long after you forgot about Taylor, he was in the public eye again for a prison sentence in 2012.  Another decade on top of that and you still have no idea what ever happened to Brien Taylor.

In a rare sit-down, Taylor joined The 1st Round Experience with Jeff Jackson.  Jackson himself is a former top pick for the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1989 draft. Taylor focuses on his baseball career both before and after the injuring including topics of:

  • What did he buy with the 1.5 million dollar signing bonus the Yankees gave him?
  • When he'll talk about the fight that injured his shoulder and ruined his career.
  • Where did he work after his baseball career ended?
  • Congestive Heart Failure at 29.
  • Is he friends with Derek Jeter?

The heart failure at 29 was shocking for me to hear.  I always thought Brien never made a comeback because of his shoulder but illness was the ultimate factor.

Albany Colonie Yankees Ticket

To this day I can't walk by a 1992 Topps card of Brien Taylor and NOT buy it. The card you see in the picture is my signed gold rookie where Taylor inked his name on the front. He's in the pinstripes in this card, too, and looking like he's ready to throw 100 MPH fastball. Growing up here in Albany, NY., I had the chance to see Brien (and chase him down for an autograph) with the Albany-Colonie Yankees back 1993 while he was here.  I recall my neighbor was lucky enough to get the free AC Yankees t-shirt on promo day before the game and had it signed by Brien - was so envious!  I also miss those days when a baseball ticket, even to the minor league games, were only $6.50.  Brien Taylor - what could have been...

You can listen to the entire interview with Brien Taylor HERE.

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