Collectable App Offers Shares of Iconic Sports Cards for Investing

New App Offers Shares of LeBron Rookie, Mickey Mantle Cards, Memorabilia and More
  • September 16, 2020

Imagine owning a piece of a LeBron James rookie card, and cashing in without dealing with buyers and haggling.  What about bragging that you own part of a Babe Ruth signed baseball?  A new app is offering these cool investments and more!

Just four wins away from his TENTH finals appearance, LeBron James is still dominating the NBA not just on the court, but off; a rare rookie card of James sold for 1.5 MILLION bucks in May.  If you're looking to invest into a LBJ rookie card in hopes values soar even more if the Lakers win a title in a few weeks, but don't have thousands (or millions) to spend, a new app is offering "shares" of a LeBron rookie.  Other high-end cards and items are available to invest into, as well.


The new Collectable app is operating like the stock market with high-end sports items. You're able to purchase "fractional shares" of items you normally only see displayed in homes we can't even afford the taxes on.

Collectable works with an advisory board with vast knowledge of the industry to get pieces you desire from consignors. 

Buying Shares

  • Must be oever 18
  • Verified U.S. Social Security Number

Free to register and open to everyone for window shopping, though

Selling Shares

  • Item must be full funded
  • When offer to purchase item is made, you and other shareholders vote on the offer
  • When the item is sold, shareholders are paid out
  • 90-day lock-up period once shares are purchased 
  • Shares may be sold to new and current investors before the item is sold


  • PSA 10 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle
  • Cost: $25.00 per share 
  • Available: NOW

Now that is a beauty! There are only TWO of these cards graded a PSA 10. Knowing the actual value is tough when there are only two in the world to choose from, but the goal is One Million dollars in shares to fill with 13 days left (at the time of this blog) to buy shares at the $25 price.


  • BGS 9.5 2003 SP Authentic Lebron James Auto
  • Cost: $25 per share
  • Available: September 17th 

The market cap here is $50,000, much lower than the Mickey Mantle, allowing for just 2,000 shares.  At the rate NBA cards are increasing in value, we'd imagine this sale will fill very quickly!

  • Three Steph Curry rookies in2009-2010 National Treasures Patch Auto /99, 2009 Topps Gold rookie SIGNED, and a 20009 Topps rookie SIGNED
  • Cost: $20 per share
  • Available: TBD

Steph's injury and the Warriors lack-luster record this season may have you off the radar, but let's not forget what a healthy Curry & Co. did the last few seasons; win.  We're not offering investment advice at all; that's not our game.  We do, however, like to buy low and sell high, so we've got eyes on Curry!

  • Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig signed baseabll
  • Cost: TBD
  • Available: TBD

A PSA/DNA authenticated 1933 ball with a Ruth auto at PSA 8 and Gehrig a PSA 7; sign. us. up.  

The original box is included with the ball - incredible!

The app states the ball was appraised last December at $75,000.  While current card values seem to change daily, all Ruth and Gehrig autos do is stay golden.


You may brag to everyone how you own a piece of a Babe Ruth signed baseball or stock in a LeBron rookie, but when you don't actually have the item, you'll probably get an eye roll.  Collectable is offering certificates for you to display!  You could frame that with another certificate like those you bought from the Warren Moon event over at our sister company, Vintage Breaks.

If you want ALL the information, including the legal stuff - head over to the Collectable website HERE.



You may not have a PSA 10 Mantle, but if you do have card, wax, or full collection you'd like to sell, we offer FREE appraisals!  Perhaps we could work out a deal to buy your items.  If you do have a PSA 10 Mantle, call us. Call us now lol.

Plenty of ways to reach us:

If there are items you're looking to buy and want the actual item rather than as share, check out our eBay pages for graded and ungraded cards.  Our sister company we mentioned earlier, Vintage Breaks, offers cards, packs, boxes, or set breaks. If there is a particular item you want but don't see, it still can't hurt to reach out; plenty of goodies in our office!



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