Dominique Wilkins Live Experience Breaking 1986 Fleer Wax Pack and Signed Memorabilia Prizes

NBA Hall of Famer, Dominique Wilkins, Joins Us in a Live Break
  • October 14, 2020


NBA Hall of Famer, Dominique Wilkins, will be breaking 1986 and 1988 Fleer Wax packs live with us and you'll have a chance to win a signed jersey, autographed rookie card, vintage wax, and tons of other awesome items!  Want in on the break?  You can! 

The Human Highlight Reel, Dominique Wilkins, will be live with us breaking packs and trying to pull you his own rookie card!  Yes, YOU have a shot at 'nique pulling your card!

Instead of buying a Dominique rookie off eBay or ripping a pack by yourself where nobody else can appreciate the treasure, picture this: NBA Hall of Fame, nine-time All-Star, two-time Dunk champ - THE HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REEL could pull your card for you!   Not only will Wilkins be opening packs with us, he'll also sign some memorabilia you might take home that includes jerseys, game ticket, and signed rookie cards.  This is all taking place on our sister site, VINTAGE BREAKS.

Tuesday, October 20th at 8:00 PM EST.
$32.50 per spot


300 Spots being sold HERE

All spots will be randomized live on the show.

1st Place - 13th Place = 1 spot in a 1986 Fleer Basketball Pack 😮that we open with Dominque! 


14th Place - 15th Place = Signed Dominque Hawks jersey that he will sign live on the show

16th Place - 17th Place = Signed 1986 Fleer Dominque rookie card that he will sign live on the show

18th Place = Full game ticket from Dominque's rookie year that he will sign live on the show

19th Place - 31st Place = 1 spot in a 1988 Fleer wax pack that we open with Dominque 

32nd Place - 45th Place = 1 spot in a 1978 Topps wax pack

46th Place - 57th Place = 1 spot in a 1979 Topps wax pack

58th Place - 300th Place = 1 1990 Fleer wax pack (full pack!) that we will ship to you


If you win 1st place - 13th place, or 19th place - 31st place not only will you be in the Dominque event, you'll also receive a Vintage Breaks Letter of Authenticity with your card, stating it was opened with Dominque Wilkins!

You don't want to think about Christmas before Halloween, but we are just 72 days away from the holiday - maybe put that card and LOA in a frame together as a super unique gift?




Winning spots 1-13 gives you a chance at pulling not only a pack-fresh Wilkins rookie, pulled by the man himself, but you know who else may be lurking in that pack...that MJ rookie.  If you haven't seen, a Dominque PSA 10 in the 86 Fleer set is selling for around 10 grand!  Ad another zero to the MJ card: 100 grand.  Just about every card in this sets in high grade commands top dollar!

When is the last time you entered a contest and hoped to come in 15th place?  When you win a signed jersey, of course.  

Even in LAST place - 300th, you're getting a vintage 1990 Fleer basketball pack.  A PSA 10 Jordan out of this set is selling for about $100 and continues to rise!  

Not a single bad spot in this break.


Vintage Breaks always offer the BEST VALUE for your break. When you see that price of $32.50, that is the price you pay.  We include taxes, shipping, and holders for your price - no crazy fees at checkout.

You WILL get something in this break.  Unlike other places that only do divisions or team breaks, you get your post.  All prizes ship!  You'll never go home empty-handed from Vintage Breaks.


To get an idea of how this event will happen, check our our last break with another NBA Hall of Famer in Rick Barry:



Check out the top 10 dunks from 'nique!





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