Free Kids Break With Vintage Breaks on Monday December 21st

  • December 19, 2020


FREE pack breaks for your kids is happening TOMORROW with our sister company, Vintage Breaks!  If you'd like to get your little ones in on a fun and free card break, we'll tell you the super easy way to make that happen.

We know how hard it has been to find any cards in retails stores this year; shelves have been empty each time you arrive at your local Walmart or Target.  Whether you're looking for basketball and a Zion rookie, baseball for Robert, Mahomes cards in any NFL pack, or even Pokeman Elite Trainer Champions Path boxes - zero have been available.  With less than a week from Christmas, it's even more difficult staring at those card-less shelves because your kids have all of the above on their Christmas lists, don't they?  Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, wants to help you - for FREE!

While this blog is sponsored by JUST COLLECT, where we specialize in buying vintage cards, autographs, and collections, we love to partner with our sister company, Vintage Breaks. "VB" is breaking company that offers spots in both vintage and modern packs of all sports and non-sports cards.  When it comes to giving back for the kids, we most certainly want to hop on board.


  • Monday, December 21st from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST.



  • Kids Break
  • Kids Tournament
  • Surprise FUN


  • Please e-mail

If you are a proud aunt, uncle, grandparent, cousin, etc., feel free to reach out!  This FREE kids break is open to all children.  We will try to accommodate all kids in some way and make it a fun hour for them.  Make sure you get your e-mail request in NOW before it's too late, please. This could fill up quickly so please act now. 

Nice and simple - send an e-mail, and tune in tomorrow with the kids at 3:00 PM EST.  

Here is our owner Leighton, and his son, Crosby, opening up 1993 Topps last year - sweet Jeter rookie, Crosby!


If you're looking for an adult gift, make sure to window shop now over at VINTAGE BREAKS HERE. We also have gift cards available for stocking stuffers here.


Here is a video of a kids tournament Vintage Breaks did for free last year.  We'll have pack breaks tomorrow, but a tournament sort of like this is in the works, as well.


If you've never seen a PACK break before, we'll show you a recent favorite of ours where we pulled a Michael Jordan rookie!  



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