Help 9-Year-Old Girl that Lost Baseball Card Collection to Fire

Family of Reese Osterberg Lost Home and Belongings Including Card Collection
  • November 06, 2020


California wildfires destroyed the home of a 9-year-old girl, and along with her house, Reese Osterberg also lost her beloved baseball card collection.  Thanks to the to Firefighters in Fresno, CA., you can help put a smile back on Reese's face by sending her some baseball cards.

When California wildfires hit Fresno, the family of 9-year-old Reese Osterberg had to evacuate. Tragically, the family returned to find their home and all belongings destroyed.  Among the personal items the family lost was Reese's baseball collection of 100 cards.


Reese, a Giants fan, loved to lay the cards out she collected over the last two years, and admire each as she watched the games on TV.


As a Giants fan, Reese's favorite player is catcher, Buster Posey.  Reese wrote to Buster recently, explaining how she lost her favorite card of Posey in the fire and asked him if he could possibly "sine" :) a baseball for her. Look at how cute this letter is!


"P.S. I'm glad you took time off to be a dad." Who ends a letter with such caring words?  Reese does - that's who.


This blog is sponsored by JUST COLLECT, where we have specialized in buying vintage cards, autographs, and collections for many years - enough to have an extra stash of Giants cards to send to a little girl that needs not only new cards, but a smile. 

You may know what it's like to drop a card on the floor and be upset by a dinged corner.  I once had a magazine signed NFL players from the first Super Bowl get water logged after a pipe broke.  We got a little upset over these things - now imagine being 9, and losing everything.  The holidays are approaching and the family has no home to go to now.

Cal Fire put a post up on their Facebook page to help collect card donations; great idea from the first responders. 

If you are interested in helping out Reese, send some cards and kind words here:


Shaver Lake CAL FIRE Station

41640 Dinkey Creek Rd

Shaver Lake, CA 93664


Wondering if Buster Posey wrote back to Reese?  How about a personal call from the former MVP:




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