Heritage Auctions Now Offering NBA Top Shots Moments Including LeBron - Kobe Tribute Dunk

Auction House Has Moments in New Catalog
  • March 15, 2021

If you've been getting shut out of NBA Top Shots packs and unable to pick up any new moments in the Marketplace, there is a new option in the game: Heritage Auctions.  See which moments you may be able to pick up in the new Heritage catalog including a LeBron James - Kobe Bryant Tribute Dunk!

NBA Top Shots has been one of the hottest collectables in recent months. Top Shots are  a "NFT" known as a non-fungible token - or plain and simple - a video clip for your personal collection.  Short video clips are sold in on-line packs and each clip is limited to a certain number. Problem is the clips are so hot right now, it's hard to get a pack or beat other collectors to buying moments in the market place. In steps Heritage Auctions with an auction style format to help you get a big moment. 

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NBA Top Shots

Pack prices range from about $9.00 to $230. The inexpensive "base" set packs contain moments of a set of clips.  Imagine buying a pack of cards and putting those common players towards a full set.  The more expensive packs contain base moment but then also a premium or rare moment depending on the packs. 

Rare clips could have just 25 copies distributed and common clips could see 30,000 + copies.  If you're lucky enough to get a pack with a rare clip, you could be in for a big pay day!    

Here is an example of a Common (base) pack.  For $9.00, the pack contained 3 video clips in a set of 123 player moments.

Here is an example of a Premium pack.  For $99, the pack contained 5 video clips to the base set but also 1 "rare" video clip.

PACKS SELL OUR QUICKLY. If you're unable to obtain a pack or you want a video clip of just your favorite players, you can pick up clips in the Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, you can buy, sell, or gift your video clips.  The issue is that since packs sell out so quickly, the prices on the Marketplace can be HUGE and those clips also sell quickly. 

Example: The number one draft in the NBA, Anthony Edwards, has a clip on the Marketplace right now with the LOWEST asking price at $1,350. There are 313 clips available to buy and the asking price goes all the way up to $50,000.  There have already been 218 sales of this clip.  The clip itself is a "common" and has 4,000 clips made for packs.  If you wanted this clip, you have already lost out to 218 other collectors and need to get on that cheapest asking price of the 313 clips left; that clip will most likely be gone by the time you read this blog!  Of the 313 clips for sale, many are over a $10,000 asking price. That clip is HERE.

How much is a RARE clip?  A lot.  Like the Anthony Edwards clip, you also have to act quickly if you have the cash. A Zion Williamson clip limited to 49 copies has 3 available in the Marketplace and the LOWEST asking price is $210,000.  That clip is HERE.

With the demand of the clips and difficult time getting either a pack or a moment in the Marketplace before either sells out, Heritage Auctions has came into the game to offer moments via auction in their latest catalog.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage is one of the biggest auction houses around and offers some of the biggest sports items in the world.  Just two weeks ago, Heritage sold the most famous card on the planet: a T-206 Honus Wagner.

In their current catalog, Heritage is dipping into Top Shots.  This auction-style for a video clip allows you to bid the amount you're comfortable with on a video as opposed to just being the quickest buyer on the Top Shots site.  No refreshing the Top Shots site many times over and just trying to get in - you can simply bid and watch the auction clock over at Heritage.

What is being offered?

  1. Trae Young #99 out of 7,500.  

A base set of Young making an assist.  On Top Shots you can try to buy the clip on the Marketplace quickly or bid on Heritage.  On Top Shots, there are 597 clips for sale between $119 and $5,5000. 

  • Auction ends March 18th
  • Bid HERE

2. LeBron James #824 out of 1,000.

  • Auction ends March 18th
  • Bid HERE

This is a KOBE Tribute dunk, and it's awesome.  Check out the Tweet that the Lakers posted that shows LeBron doing the same Dunk Kobe did.

This auction price will be expensive - the opening bid is $25,000 and the value is around $100,000. The cool thing about the Heritage sale is that the serial number is 824 - Kobe wore numbers 8 and 24.  The lowest asking price on Top Shots right now is $27,000 here. 

While just two clips are posted on Heritage, you now have another option to pick up Top Shots if you're into collecting.  Heritage has one affordable and one rare clip up right now.  Hopefully Heritage Auctions can obtain more clips and put a bigger variety out for sale.  I love how Top Shots is limited clips to keep collectors like us entertained!  I'm just too old and slow to get to the site before you do.   I'm sneaking up on 40; the hands aren't as fast as they used to be, I need to be in bed when the sun goes down, and I still think wax packs cost 40 cents each.

Do You Collect Top Shots?

No wrong answer here!  You're either a fan of the video clips or not.  You can also enjoy both real cards from packs or virtual clips.  The way the market has been trending, virtual clips have been selling at a better rate than cardboard has, if you can believe it.  There may be a day where a collector trades a Michael Jordan rookie card for a LeBron James video clip. Would YOU make that trade?

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