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Exploring New Markets through Data with Collectable & Card Ladder
  • February 20, 2023

Our owner, Leighton Sheldon, is going to be a guest speaker at the Mint Collective in Las Vegas! From panels to trades and cocktails, the Mint is the place to be.

Bringing over 25 years of being one of the largest buyers of collections in the world, our owner, Leighton, is going to be a guest speaker at The Mint Collective in Las Vegas!

The Mint Collective is a four-day event that includes panels, discussions, buying and trading cards (of course!), and incredible entertainment that only Las Vegas has to offer.

Leighton is speaking on Friday, March 31st about "Exploring New Markets through Data Collectable and Card Ladder." Tickets from big events and even graded video games are hot in the market. What other new markets are there in The Hobby? Come watch and listen to Leighton discuss! The list of speakers includes the biggest names in the industry. Leighton is returning after providing stellar advice and insight during the 2022 Mint Collection. 

Here is a photo of Leighton on stage. You might recognize another guest speaker on the stage in this photo- Hall of Fame QB, Peyton Manning. We told you the Mint only brings the best! The event is still growing, and there are already four panels, live podcasts, a "collectors carnival", a market place, and more! PSA will be on-hand for onsite grading, so you bring your cards.

For all info, the schedule, lineup, and how you can enjoy The Mint Collective from March 30th to April 2nd check our the site HERE. If you're at the event, make sure to say hello to Leighton; he'd love to meet you and chat! 

Some of the recent collections Leighton purchased with Just Collect includes an astonishing find of 22 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig cards in the same collection that you can see in The Arizona Goudey Collection. Multiple vintage baseball sets including a complete 1952 Topps set with a Mickey Mantle rookie card was purchased in The Black Box Collection. A very rare collection of PC796 cards from 1910 that includes Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner were purchased by Leighton. How rare are the PC796 cards? Before this purchase, only 53 cards had been graded b PSA. Leighton discovered 20 more cards!


Just Collect is always buying vintage sports and non-sports cards from 1879 to 1979 as well as select modern cards. If you have a collection that you are considering selling, contact us today to discuss or get our industry-leading purchase offer. If you have a collection that you want to be appraised, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your collection and help you understand the real cash value of your collection in the current marketplace. Check out the Just Collect Buy List.

We always offer a FREE APPRAISAL for your collection here at the Just Collect site. Just click here:


We offer many ways to evaluate your cards other than using our website, too.

  • Travel to us

If you can make the trip here like the son from my hometown did for this collection- we can make a deal at the office. We once met a father-son duo that drove eight hours from Virginia to meet us to sell a Michael Jordan rookie card stored in Tupperware since 1986 - great read here

  • Come to a convention

We keep a LIST of the card shows we'll be attending.  Come stop by the Just Collect table and chat.

  • Meet in-person

If you have a valuable collection and want us to come to you, we'll hop on the next plane out. We recently took a trip to California to purchase a collection that included three Jackie Robinson 1948 Leaf rookie cards that you can read about here.

  • Meet in New York City

We have another location in New York you can meet us at; read all the information here.

  • SHIP your collection 

If you choose to mail your cards for an appraisal, we will evaluate your cards for FREE still. If you choose not to sell the cards, we'll ship them back with shipping fees paid by us!  We can offer our FedEx account with 2-day shipping, fully insured, all covered by us. Simply contact the office to set up this option.


We've run into a wide range of people and collections over the last 25 years. Although Just Collect is known for buying vintage sports cards and especially vintage baseball cards, we are also extremely interested in buying non-sports cards, too!  

Every collection and every collector is different and we treat EVERY collection with the respect and attention that we show for our own collections. We understand that many have put their heart and souls into building their collections. So when you're ready to sell, we understand the feelings that you're going through and will work with you to help you reach a decision that is a WIN/WIN, because if you're not happy, we're not happy.

Whether you have vintage cards or modern wax you want to sell, you can reach out to us any time! 



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