Legendary Yankees Pitcher Whitey Ford Passes Away at 91

Our Favorite Whitey Ford Collection Story
  • October 09, 2020

YouTube-Oct-09-2020-05-37-54-26-PMOne of the greatest players in baseball history, Whitey Ford, has died at the age of 91.  Looking back on a legendary career and our favorite story about a collection of recycled Whitey Ford cards.

The greatest pitcher to ever wear the Yankee pinstripes, Edward "Whitey" Charles Ford, passed away last night at the age of 91.

Let's look back at the Hall of Famer's stellar career on the mound, and reminisce about one of our favorite memorabilia stories.


  • 236 wins, Yankees all-time leader
  • 6 World Series championships
  • 10 All-Star games
  • 1 Cy Young Award (1961)


Inducted in 1974, Ford earned election to the HOF with 77.8 % of the votes


If having fewer than 300 wins, one Cy Young award, and a HOF voting percentage of only 77% deters you from thinking Whitey Ford wasn't the best of the best, we'll gladly shed some light on just how good Ford truly was.

Ford's 236 wins are STILL an all-time record for the Yankees.  A franchise with 27 World Championships and having fielded a team since 1901, Ford still has more victories on the mound than any other pitcher to ever wear pinstripes.

With 236 against only 106 losses, Ford's .609% winning percentage is FOURTH ALL-TIME in baseball.  The man simply didn't lose.

The Cy Young award was only handed out to a single pitcher until 1967 rather than an award to each pitcher in the AL and NL.  Ford could have had some extra hardware otherwise.  Some seasons, like 1963, having 24 wins, 13 complete games, and a 2.74 ERA could have brought multiple awards to Ford's shelf.

Whitey Ford missed TWO full seasons in his prime to serve in the Millitary.  Ford joined the Army after his rookie campaign in 1950 where he was 9-1 with a 2.81 ERA and shut out the Phillies for 8 2/3 innings during the World Series.

With 11 appearances in the World Series, Ford pitched to a 2.72 ERA over 22 games. 


We've all heard the stories about how your mom or grandmother tossed tons of cards that would now net you a nice retirement.  How many Mickey Mantles did you or your dad lose to a Hefty bag as a kid?

In a story about a collection that Just Collect purchased, we got to hear about a collector's father working at recycling plant in Norther New Jersey where TOPPS would send their unused uncut sheets back in the 50's to be recycled.  The collector's dad would sometimes bring the uncut sheets home and would be pinned on the wall.  Sadly, mom threw out the cards like all other moms did back then.

Imagine - just imagine.  Perhaps gem mint, uncut Topps sheets with a 1953 or 1954 Whitey Ford just hanging on the wall.  How much would a sheet like that be worth today?  Maybe you're not concerned about the value but you just want that beautiful 1953 Topps design of a Whitey Ford card in your hands right now.  Shout out to the dad, though!  "Yep, totally recycled those cards..."  100 % would have done the same lol lol 😅

Things like that just don't happen today; nobody is throwing out uncut sheets.  What a cool, total 1950's story. 




Very appreciate of the HOF for posting this video today.  We will fondly remember The Chairman of the Board, Whitey Ford.




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