Lou Gehrig Believes Babe Ruth Called His Shot During the 1932 World Series in Newly-Released Audio

Newly-Released Audio from Gehrig Confirms the Babe's Called Shot
  • October 02, 2020

Eighty eight years ago this week, Babe Ruth called his shot in the 1932 World Series - or did he?  A long-debated, historic moment in baseball may now actually have definitive proof of exitance: Lou Gehrig spoke on the Babe's iconic homer in audio never heard until now.

Did Babe Ruth actually call his shot in the 1932 World Series?  A question no person has truly ever been able to confirm - or have they?  Newly-released audio from a guy with a little more than first-hand knowledge has surfaced; how about the word from LOU GHERIG? 


You've heard the tall tale many times. October 1st, 1932, Game 3, Ruth was at the plate in the fifth inning. Cubs' pitcher, Charlie Root, had two strikes on the Babe when Ruth appeared to point to Center Field.  Was Ruth pointing to center to signal he was going to blast a home run there?  Or was the Babe holding up two fingers and pointing to the pitcher just to let the Cubbies know he still had a strike left?  Whether two strikes or a "called shot", Babe put the next pitch over the wall in center!

Calling your shot in the World Series is about as baller as it can get, and already a legendary figure himself, Ruth slid this fact right into his narrative.  In fact, while the play has been debated, there IS video of the home run with Ruth stating the home run was called.



While you and I can interpret the Ruth homer any which way and still not have a solid answer, how about we take the word from THE GUY ON DECK - LOU GEHRIG! 

In newly-released audio, Gehrig spoke on the home run!

What do YOU think after hearing the new audio?  You've seen the home run video.  Heard Ruth the point was a called shot.  Now, Lou Gehrig audio surfaces with a confirmation of The Bambino indeed calling his shot.  Tell us here on the site or on our Facebook page.

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