Rare Baseball Signed by Derek Jeter in High School Up for Auction

Baseball Could be the First Ball Signed After Being Drafted
  • November 05, 2020

A super-rare Derek Jeter signed baseball is for sale.  The ball, signed while the Hall of Famer was still in high school, could be the earliest-known ball signed after Jeets became a Pro.

June 1st, 1992 is the date the incomparable Derek Jeter signed a contract to be a New York Yankee. From signing that first contract through five champion ships, 3,000 hits, and an induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, collectors such as yourself have sought and coveted a Derek Jeter autograph. When it comes to a Jeter signature, outdoing us all the entire way was a savvy ten year-old Little Leaguer that is now offering up one of the rarest of Jeter-signed baseballs: the first ball Jeter signed as a New York Yankee.


The baseball is from an annual East-West all-star game for high schoolers.  The Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association pitted top players against each other at Detroit's Tiger Stadium.  In the lineup was a HS Senior named Derek Jeter. 

Players from the squad signed the baseball, including Jeter right on the sweet spot!

On the side of the ball, just above the score of "West 17 East 10", is the date the ball was signed: JUNE 18th, 1992 😮

This ball was autographed just 18 days after Derek Jeter became a New York Yankee, making it possibly the earliest-known ball signed by Jeter as a professional baseball player. 

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There is the 2020 Hall of Famer right in the middle - look at that Jeter signature!  


Back in 1992, a Little Leaguer was given the chance to be the batboy for the all-star game.  The ten year-old's uncle was selected to be a coach of the game, and brought his nephew in for some fun.  Zero chance the young lad would balk at the opportunity to be on the field at his favorite team's stadium!

After his hard work of being the batboy for the game, the young man was paid handsomely for his work via a team-signed ball.  


While I don't have a Jeter autographed ball from 1992, I was fortunate to have have seen Jeter play in-person before he made it to the big leagues.  While watching a 20 year-old Jeets, I luckily picked up a rare autograph of my own from another Hall of Fame player.

Albany-Colonie Yankees

Growing up near Albany, NY., fortune was on my side in the early 90's.  Heritage Park was a short drive from me and housed the AA Yankees from 1985 to 1994. Being fresh out of Little League in 1993, and playing for the Yankees around that time myself, I was all about watching the "real" Yankees.  Photos from my old team yearbook:

Albany-Colonie Yankees 1989 Year Book.

Albany-Colonie Yankees 1989 Year Book

Going to a game in 1993, I couldn't wait to get Brien Taylor's autograph.  The first overall pick in the 1991 baseball draft - everyone raved about Taylor.  I followed the masses and tried to get Taylor to sign my ball.  My neighbor was lucky enough to get Brien to autograph a team jersey!  Though I stood next to Taylor in the parking lot, I went home empty-handed.

The well-documented, career-ending injury that Brien Taylor suffered kept him away from the Albany Yankees in 1994, but thankfully I kept attending games.  More importantly, I kept chasing autographs.

In 1994, Albany suited up Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte; the core of the recent Yankees championship teams.  Attending a giveaway day, I donned the  free AC Yankees t-shirt given upon entrance and watched the stars play. I didn't know it then, but I vividly remember going to a game, walking over to the pitchers' area, turning my back and having a pitcher sign my shirt:

Mariano Autograph

While not as rare as the first baseball Derek Jeter signed as a Yankee, but I'd imagine few, if any of these team shirts still exist.  A give away sponsored by Coca-Cola from 1994 for a team that moved to a new State in 1995 most likely isn't around in abundance.  Mo wasn't well-known in 1994 and was a year away from making his MLB debut. I probably could have done without the Ball Boy's autograph of simply "Ball Boy", but glad I was dumb enough (or smart enough?) I grabbed that because he marked the year!

This signed Mo shirt isn't at auction (yet?), but that ball Jeter signed days after being drafted by the Yankees is!


If you're interested in buying the baseball Derek Jeter signed just 18 days after being drafted by the Yankees:

WHERE: Heritage Auctions website HERE

WHEN: Bidding starts November 19th and closes December 10th - 13th


VALUE: Estimated at $15,000 +


Wondering what the rarest autograph from Derek Jeter is?  After some investigating, I'd imagine it's a signature that'll be hidden away from public viewing!  Read about the autographs BEHIND the Baseball Hall of Fame plaques HERE.


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