Remembering Joe DiMaggio on National Coffee Day [VIDEOS]

Watch Old Mr. Coffee Commercials with Joe D
  • September 29, 2020

Today is National Coffee Day; our favorite day of the year!  While there are tons of places around you that are offering either free our discounted coffee, let's celebrate by looking back on some vintage coffee ads with the great Joe DiMaggio.

National Coffee Day is upon us!  You might have noticed a ton of Facebook ads or a trend on Twitter about which local places near you are offering up a free/discounted cup of the bean juice we love so much. Thinking we should have some fun and look back at vintage coffee ads from baseball Hall of Famer, Joe DiMaggio!  All class on the field and off, The Yankee Clipper was a hall of fame saleman, too.

Joe D. became the Mr. Coffee spokesperson in the 1970's, providing us these gems:








Love the Christmas ad with the classic decorations.  I received my Keurig machine for Christmas so getting a Mr. Coffee in 1979 doesn't seem too "old school" for me!  Found an original machine with Joe D. on the box on eBay!

Would love to know if any of those $5 rebate coupons with DiMaggio's signature on them are still floating around.  If you have one, we'd love to see!  Share a photo here or or our Facebook page.

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