Rick Barry Live Experience Breaking Vintage Topps Wax Packs and Signed Memorabilia Prizes

NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry, Join Us in a Live Break
  • September 22, 2020


NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry, will be breaking live with us on Thursday night and you'll have a chance to win a signed jersey, autographed rookie card, vintage wax, and tons of other awesome items!

One of the most prolific players in the history of the NBA will be watching you try to pull his own card, live on our sister company's (VINTAGE BREAKS) show! Imagine seeing eight-time all-star, NBA champ, Finals MVP, and member of the NBA's 50 greatest players, RICK BARRY, opening you up a pack-fresh 1974 Topps card of his.  You'll have this chance and MUCH more like winning autographed rookie cards on Thursday, September 24th when Rick joins us for a special break event!  You know darn well that we'll be asking Rick about his infamous foul shot-style, too, but this man was NASTY on the court in his prime; can't wait to chat about his career!

Thursday, September 24th at 8:00 PM EST.
$17.50 per spot



300 Spots being sold HERE

All spots will be randomized live on the show!

1st place = 1974 Topps Basketball Wax Packs (THE WHOLE PACK 😮 ) that we will open live with Rick Barry


2nd place =1976 Topps #1 Dr. J PSA 8.


3rd place = 2019 Optic Basketball Blaster Box


4th Place = Warriors jersey Rick signs LIVE on the show 


5th Place = 1965 Warriors Program Rick signs LIVE on the show

6th Place - 8th Place = 1971 Topps Rick Barry rookie Rick will sign LIVE

9th Place = 1971 Topps NY Nets ABA Year book Rick will sign LIVE

10th Place - 19th Place = 1 spot in a 1977 Topps basketball pack we open with Rick 

20th Place - 32nd Place = 1 spot in a 1988 Fleer basketball pack (after Rick signs off)

33rd Place - 46th Place = 1 spot in a 1978 Topps basketball pack (after Rick signs off)

47th Place - 58th Place = 1 spot in a 1979 Topps basketball pack (after Rick signs off)

59th Place - 300th Place =1990 Fleer Basketball Wax Pack that we will ship to you

If you win 1st place or any spot from 10th and 19th place, not only will you be in the Rick Barry event, you'll also receive a Vintage Breaks Letter of Authenticity with your card, stating it was opened with Rick Barry!

The LOA and card are so unique! Maybe frame the card and letter in your sports cave (especially if you pull a monster hit!) or stash for a birthday/Christmas gift for dad?


At just $17.50 a spot, there is no bad place to be in the prize list.  Even in 300th place, you're taking home a full 1990 Fleer basketball wax pack. A PSA 10 Jordan from this set is now selling for over $150 The Jordan sticker you may pull last sold for $300 in a PSA 10!  Might be the only time you'd like coming in last place.

If luck is on your side and you win first place, pack-fresh 1974 Topps cards command top-dollar in high PSA grades.  The Kareem card is selling for close to $500 in a PSA 8.  Zero PSA 10's exist according to the pop report. Maybe a 10 is lurking in this pack!  Bill Walton rookies are in this set, and command big prices!  You get he WHOLE PACK.

SIX items will be autographed and signed live on the break by Rick!  Eyeing down 6th - 8th place; signed Barry rookie cards.  Always something alluring about a signed rookie.

The 2019-20 Optic blaster box could yield sweet Zion or Ja rookies.  You can't touch a blaster for under $100 today.

Possible rookie cards of Reggie Miller or Dennis Rodman could go to you in 20th-32nd place.

Just breezed over a beautiful, vintage DR. J card in second place.  So many goodies, the iconic DR. J almost got looked over.


Vintage Breaks always offer the BEST VALUE for your break.  Taxes, shipping, and holders to protect your order are always included into your $17.50 spot!  The price you see is the price you'll pay.

You always get your purchase!  This event has 300 spots - ALL spots take home item you land on in the random.  Whether you land on first place or 300th, you get your purchase.  We don't leave team breaks, division or player spots to chance - you'll never go home empty-handed from our sister company, Vintage Breaks.

Vintage Breaks also has a special Instagram event for Rick Barry on Thursday!  Check out their IG page for more fun :)


If you're curious how the live event will go, check out our recent event with Cardinals' top prospect, Dylan Carlson:




Catch up on how good Rick Barry was:


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