The 1955 Topps Double Header Collection with Jackie Robinson

Family-Owned since 1955, This Collection Arrived at Just Collect in a Unique Way
  • February 05, 2022

Unlike our From Trash to Treasure Collection, a family luckily held onto their baseball cards and didn't send them off to the local dump.  The new collection that arrived at the Just Collect office today includes 40 cards from the 1955 Topps Double Header set, stocked with legendary names like Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron!  The story on HOW the cards arrived is pretty cool; check out where the cards travelled from with the 1955 Topps Double Header Collection.

The collection comes from Vicki and John, who obtained the cards from Vicki’s father, a card collector since childhood. It’s a common practice to inherit items from parents, and in this case, it was Vicki who received her father’s collection.

Vicki's father was born in 1941 and collected the cards as a kid and young adult. The time was 1955 when “Rock Around the Clock” was blasting through the airwaves, a gallon of gas was 29 cents, and Marty McFly was trying to get back to the future.  At the same time, Vicki’s father was spending a penny to get himself some Topps Double Header cards. In his possession, he had Hall of Famers Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn, Al Kaline, and Ernie Banks. A big baseball fan, Vicki’s father even once met Willie Mays while getting his autograph in Lakewood, CA!

The provenance is incredible; from the day these cards were pulled from a pack, only one family has even held these cards over the last 70 years. There is no guessing where this collection originated like we pondered about in the Trash to Treasure story you read moments ago.


The majority of the collection contains 40 1955 Topps Double Header cards highlighted by Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron.

1955 Double Header Facts

  • 66 cards in the set with each card featuring two players
  • Topps used the folding design inspired by the Mecca Double Folders from 1911
  • Each pack contained 1 card and of course gum for 1 penny.




The remaining cards are a small number of 1955 & 1956 Topps that include HOF’ers Ted Williams, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax, and Al Kaline. 



The collection arrived at the Just Collect office in New Jersey by way of Colorado. Vicki’s husband flew in to drop the cards off in-person for an evaluation. With some free time on his hands, he traveled to Boston to visit with his cousin. We made a fair offer to purchase the entire collection, but Vicki and her husband weren't really to sell just yet. The cards returned with Vicki’s husband a day later as he took them back home to contemplate our offer. After a few months, Vicki decided it was time to part with the collection, and accepted our offer made a few months prior. We promptly sent out a check via our two-day, fully insured FedEx account.  

We understand that many have put their heart and souls into building their collections.  We understand the feelings that you're going through. When you're ready to sell your collection, whether on the spot, or a few months later like Vicki and her husband, we are here for you at Just Collect.

You don't need to fly to our office here in New Jersey like Vicki's husband did; we offer MANY ways to appraise your collection including a FREE APPRAISAL on our website.  Just click:


We will evaluate your cards for free. Once appraised, if you choose not to sell, we will return your cards at charge to you. With our FedEx account, we will ship your cards fully insured with 2-day shipping. 

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