Win $250 Break Credit in Vintage Breaks' NFL FREE Survivor Pool

We're giving away FREE break credit to the best NFL game pickers!
  • September 11, 2020


Are you good at picking NFL games?  Maybe you simply get lucky because you like a certain team's jersey color  Either way, you want in on the Vintage Breaks FREE NFL Survivor Pool!  Read how you can win $250 break credit!

Was last night's game a mirage? Did we really see an NFL game happening?!  Yes, yes we did.  We're just as excited as you to see real game action for the first time since February and to celebrate, we want to give away $350 in break credit! 

As tough as the economy has been since March, and as bored as you are, we want to help out both problems by giving away break credit in a FREE NFL survivor pool!  


  • You select the winner of ONE (just a single) game for the week
  • Pick correctly and SURVIVE to play the following week
  • Make the wrong pick and you're out of the game completely! 
  • Last player standing = WINNER 


  • FREE, silly goose; totally free to play!


  • First Place = $250 break credit to Vintage Breaks!
  • Second Place = $100 break credit to Vintage Breaks!

Vintage Breaks is our sister site, where you can use your winnings to buy into a pack, set break, hit random, or ball out and buy a personal (every spot) in a pack!  Love vintage football? How about a spot in the 1959 Topps Cello pack! Maybe you dig modern football - go for 2020 Panini Black! Nobody said you had to pick football either!  Maybe you want a shot at a Michael Jordan rookie instead. Put those winnings towards whatever you desire :)

Vintage Breaks offers the best value in breaking.  The price you see for a spot includes shipping, taxes, and your items are always shipped in holders - and you know how elusive holders have been!  With the empty shelves in stores, Vintage Breaks is the best spot to get in on packs and boxes! 

We understand how tough it is to win our survivor pool and would hate if you came down to a head's up match, lost, and went home with nothing.  We are putting a $100 break credit in your pocket if you come in second place!  $250 to win and $100 for second sounds nice, right?  Let's get you playing!


  • CBS SPORTS - click HERE



  1. Register for your CBS Sports account or log in with your current account

Login Page

2.  Click the PICKS tab between Pool Home and Options

Home Page


3. Click MAKE PICKS in the PICKS tab.  Highlight the ONE team you predict to win, then press the SAVE button.

PickThat's it!  You're in!

There are some other options in the three tabs (Pool Home, Picks, and Options) including MESSAGE BOARD under the Pool Home tab.  Maybe a little friendly trash talking there; just saying...  

Make sure to check back each week to see if you won or not!  If you won, keep playing!  We play until we're down to one final person that has't made an incorrect pick.  Now, what are you waiting for - SIGN UP and try to win! 



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