Wrestling Cards Bring Value and Nostalgia

Vintage WWF & WCW Cards Put a Smile on Your Face and Cash in Your Pocket
  • September 01, 2020


Remember when Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestle Mania III? Right now the Hulk Hogan theme song is blasting in your brain, and you're saying out loud "I have that card!" as you gawk at the photo above. Let's see which cards bring value financially while others have value lying in fond memories. 

By now, you're halfway through the lyrics of Real American, resisting the urge ask your significant other "Whatcha gunna do, brother?!"  Let's refrain from doing that (unless you like sleeping on the couch...) for a bit, but do think back to watching Saturday Night's Main Event or Saturday Morning Super Stars, Hasbro figures or LJN bendies in-hand.  Around this time, you also had stacks of your wrestling cards!  Since your action figures took the beating, there is a good chance your cards stayed in good condition, nestled with your pages of Topps baseball cards.  Some of your old cards could command top dollar!  

1982 Wrestling All Stars


If you stashed any of these cards, you may be cashing in!  As you know, the '82 All Stars were not inserted into packs; they were mail-in orders from the Wrestling News magazine. 

Two series were created: Series A and Series B.  Both series have 36 cards each.  The checklist has a Who's Who of names from your childhood.  Since this wasn't a product for one company, wrestlers from various organizations can be collected. Few other sets allow you to have a Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, and Ric Flair all in the same set!

Mail-in status makes these cards valuable in any condition, but high-end cards cost Ted DiBiase-type loot.  Some recent eBay sales:

  • Hulk Hogan PSA 7 = $1,802
  • Andre the Giant PSA 4 = $405
  • Ric Flair PSA 5 = $399
  • Jerry Lawler PSA 9 = $281

1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars

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Your favorite sports card company, Topps, finally brought a WWF licensed set our way in 1985.  There are 66 base cards and 22 stickers in the full setThese cards are "easier" to find as they came in wax packs, with 8 cards and one sticker per pack - plus that tasty gum.

WWF was really on the rise when this set came out, with WrestleMania 1 taking place the same year.  While Hulkster has other cards out, this set holds the "true rookie" and you'll need to (leg) drop a pretty penny for one. Aside from the Hogan rookie, you can also snatch some pretty cool cards of your favorite wrestlers.  You've got the Iron Sheik dropping a camel clutch on card 49, and Brutus Beefcake on card 10 before he was known as The Barber to just name a few.  Some cards you'll want to dig up:

  • Hulk Hogan PSA 9 = $420
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper PSA 10 = $300
  • Junk Yard Dog PSA 10 = $143.95

Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, offers spots or a full personal pack of these beauties; click 1985 Topps WWF Pack if you'd like a chance at a Hulkster rookie! Grab your spots here:

1985 Topps WWF Pack

Leighton, owner of Vintage Breaks, had the pleasure of opening a full pack of 1985 Topps WWF with Hall of Famer, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat! 



1988 NWA Wonderama

The National Wrestling Alliance goes back to 1948, and stood as the governing body of wrestling back when territories were still a thing. The 343-card set from 1988 still held big names from companies like WCW.

Collectors appear to gravitate to the history of the NWA when it comes to this set as product is expensive!  A full wax box just sold for $625!

Sting PSA 9 = $149.99

Rick Flair BGS 9 = $102.50

The Four Horsemen raw = $99.99

Special thanks to  Kevin van Steendelaar for the Wonderama knowledge! 


1990 Classic WWF History of WrestleMania


Six WrestleMaina events are depicted in this 150-card set.  All of the classic matches are dispersed: Hogan and Andre WM 3, Macho Man and Steamboat, also WM3, Twin Towers VS. The Rockers at WM 5, and where the most valuable card resides - WM 6 with Hogan VS The Ultimate Warrior!

This set can be purchased a bit cheaper than the previous set.  In fact, the box set just sold for $40 A full wax box is around the same price. This set is all about nostalgia and great memories here :) 

The Ultimate Warrior card, as mentioned, is costly.  Warrior was at his peak; he just beat Hulk Hogan in the title vs. title match at Mania! 

  • Ultimate Warrior PSA 10 = $255


1991 Impel WCW


Ah, WCW.  If you were a WWF fan in the 80's and 90's, you hated WCW!  You still hold a grudge towards those guys during the Monday Night Wars, don't you?

WCW came into the scene nationally around 1988, and by 1991 got on the card train with a 161-card set.

To their credit, WCW did have some big names in the packs with Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Sting, and Doom to name a few. Unfortunately, despite the names, like many other cards in the 90's, these WCW cards simply never held value.  A full box sells for about $22. You'll need PSA 10 cards of the stars to really make a profit.

While I wasn't a WCW fan in 1991, I did have at tiny crush on Missy Hyatt, and am pondering about buying this sweet card for $49.99. 

2001 Fleer WWF WretleMania


By 2001, you've moved on from Hulk Hogan to the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and your side still hurts just thinking about Mankind falling from the top of the Hell in a Cell cage. At this time, Fleer got into the wrestling card game with the WWF.

There are 100 base cards, including the Divas, Tag Teams, and WrestleMania rewind cards. Aside from Rock, Stone Cold, and Mankind, the set includes Y2J, Kane, and forgotten names like Steve Blackman. 

There are autographs inserted, but the memorabilia cards lure me in.  "Match-used" foreign object cards are hard to pass up; sign me up for a table broken by the Dudley Boyz.  The entire checklist is HERE

Value is nostalgia here!  Here are a few of the cool Foreign Object cards that are semi-valuable, though:

  • The Rock Foreign Objects = $29.97
  • The Undertaker Foreign Objects = $25.49 



We're not interested in your Jake the Snake Hasbro action figure, BUT, we would love to hear from you if you have 1982 Wrestling All Stars, 1985 Topps WWF wax or PSA-graded cards, or if Missy Hyatt is your cousin

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