Your 2020 Topps Baseball Complete Set Guide

Learn What the Colors on Each Box Means
  • December 01, 2020

If a 2020 Topps Baseball complete set is on your list of gifts to buy this holiday season, whether you're doing the shopping or you need to alert Santa, make sure you know which boxes to buy!  The baseball sets are color-coded this year and each set has different goodies based on color.  So you don't get stuck buying the wrong box, we'll tell you what you can expect to find in each set.

If you're looking for a complete set of 2020 Topps baseball cards for your holiday shopping, you may have noticed that the boxes come in different colors. Different stores carry various colors of the boxes, too!  Before bringing a set to the register, make sure you read this article first so you know which color box you want to buy.


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  • 5 extra foil parallel cards, each limited to 229 created


YouTube -Dec-01-2020-11-27-11-59-PM

  • 5 extra rookie variation cards


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  • 1 extra Chrome rookie variation card
  • 5 extra base rookie variations cards
  • Exclusive to TARGET


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  • 1 extra Chrome rookie relic or autograph relic
  • 5 extra base rookie variations
  • Exclusive to TARGET

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  • 5 extra foil parallel cards, each limited to 264 created
  • 5 extra base rookie variations cards
  • 1 in 3 sets will be all parallel cards of:
    • Gold Stars on the boarder (every card)
    • Blue boarder (every card), each limited to 299 made
    • Orange boarder (every card), each limited to 99 made
    • Foil Fractor (every card), limited to ONE set made!
  • Exclusive to WAMART

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  • 700 cards from Series 1 (1-350) and Series 2 (351-700)

Rookie Variations in the Blue, Orange, Purple, and Green boxes are of the following players:

  • Aristides Aquino
  • Bo Bichette 
  • Yordan Alvarez
  • Gavin Lux 
  • Luis Robert
For the CHROME rookie variation cards in the Purple boxes, you could snag some cool, limited cards of the rookies we just listed:
  • Gold refractor- 50 made, 1 in about 101 sets
  • Orange refractor – 25 made, 1 in about 199 sets
  • Red refractor – 5 made, 1 in about 961 sets
  • Superfractor – 1 made, 1 in about 4,803 sets

If you have yourself the Orange box, the auto or relic card in the box will be one of those five same rookies.  The autographed cards are limited to 25 made, and have the same parallels/odds, as the orange boxes, too. You could pull the only-known Luis Robert autographed relic card Superfractor out of the Orange box!

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I still ask Santa for a complete set of Topps baseball cards every year!  Starting in 1986, Topps began putting out their full sets around the Holidays in boxes with colors and pictures of players, aiming at kids wanting the boxes as gifts. 1986 was right around the time I began collecting baseball cards; well played, Topps. Asking Santa for the full set is still something I love to do.  As I won't be opening the sets, I actually don't mind if the BLUE or RED sets end up under the Christmas tree this year.  If you're looking for special cards, though, make sure to look for the right box!

When you get your box, be it from family, friend,  Santa, or you just want to treat yo self, do you plan on opening the box to see what's inside?  Let us know here on the page or on our Facebook page!



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