Andre Reed Live Experience Breaking 1986 Topps and 2019 Immaculate With Signed Memorabilia Prizes

NFL Hall of Famer, Andre Reed, Join Us in a Live Break
  • November 16, 2020

Twitter user Andre_Reed83

NFL Hall of Famer, Andre Reed, will be breaking packs live with us on Thursday night and you'll have a chance to win a signed jersey, autographed rookie card, vintage wax, and tons of other awesome items!

Ever open a pack of cards with an NFL Hall of Famer?  You'll have this special pack-breaking opportunity on Thursday, November 19th at 8:00 PM EST. with NFL Hall of Famer, Andre Reed!

One of the greatest Wide Receivers ever to step onto the gridiron is hoping to haul you in monster hits the way he hauled in monster catches.  Our sister company, VINTAGE BREAKS, will be ripping 1986 Topps wax packs with Andre Reed as the Buffalo Bills legend tries to pull his own rookie card for you!  Andre will also open up modern products like Prizm and Immaculate as he looks to pull you some real fire from today's greats.  You'll also see Andre sign memorabilia live on the show that you could win!

Thursday, November 19th at 8:00 PM EST.
$29.50 per spot



300 Spots being sold HERE

All spots will be randomized live on the show!

1st place - 6th place (1) spot in a 2019 Immaculate Football Box that we will open it live on air with Andre Reed!


7th place -12th place = a spot in a 2017 Prizm Football Blaster Box that we will open it live on air with Andre Reed!


13th & 14th place = Buffalo Bills jersey that Andre Reed will sign live on the show!


15th - 17th place = 1986 Topps Andre Reed rookie card that Andre will sign live on the show!

18th place = NFL Game Ticket from Andre Reed's rookie season that he will sign live on the show!

19th place = Jim Kelly signed Bills mini helmet

20th place = Andre Reed signed Bills mini helmet  

21st - 54th place = a spot in 1986 Topps football wax packs that we open live with Andre Reed!


55th place1986 Topps Sticker Andre Reed Rookie PSA 9.

56th place - 300th place = a 1989 Pro Set 2nd Series Football Pack that we will ship to you. 

While the Andre Reed break is with our sister company, Vintage Breaks, this blog is sponsored by JUST COLLECT.  We specialize in buying vintage cards, autographs, and collections here at Just Collect!  We'd be interested in buying your 1986 Topps Football wax boxes for future events just like this.  

If you win any spots in 1st - 12th place or 21st - 54 place, you'll also receive a Vintage Breaks Letter of Authenticity with your card, stating it was opened with Andre Reed!

The holidays are quickly approaching! Christmas is *checks calendar* only 39 days away.  If you know any Bills fans, or a collector that appreciates football cards, there isn't a more unique gift than this break.  Perhaps you can frame the card you pull with the LOA as a cool present.  Imagine if Andre Reed pulls his own rookie card from the '86 Topps - perfect gift!  


At just $29.50 a spot, there is no bad place to be in the prize list.

If you pull spot number 300, you still go home with a 1989 Pro Set 2nd Series Football Pack. Let's gander at the checklist of cards that could reside in your pack: rookie cards of Barry Sanders, Troy Aikman, and Deion Sanders; can't go wrong there.  The last PSA 10 Sanders sold for close to $100!

Big hits in the 1986 packs, aside from Andre's rookie, are endless.  For starters, how about Jerry Rice?  The last PSA 10 Rice rookie sold for over 34 grand!  Steve Young's Topps rookie could be lurking in the pack.  PSA values the Young RC in a PSA 10 at $20,000 😮  Here is to hoping pristine rookies are hiding in these packs for Thursday.

The 2019 Panini Immaculate cards can be FIRE.  A super high-end product, these boxes retailed for about $900.  Rookie patch autographs are possible with names such as Kyler Murray and DK Metcalf.  Current stars like Mahomes and Russell Wilson have autographs in the checklist.  Can't wait to see what's in this box break!

Have you ever purchased a signed NFL jersey for less than thirty bucks?  Probably not...  not a real one, anyway.  You could win a signed jersey spot that you'll see Andre Reed autograph right on the show; can't get any more authentic than that.

Of course we had to include an autograph from Jim Kelly (19th place) in this event, too!  We know 12 + 83 = 6

As you can see, no matter where you land on this special event with Andre Reed, you'll be pleased with the prizes!


As we break packs with Andre Reed on Thursday, we'll be asking him about his career in the NFL, playing in the Super Bowls, and fun tid bits we'll be tossing in.  Even if you can't buye a spot in our break before the event sells out, please do stop by and watch; it's free to watch the show!  Hear about Andre Reed's career like you never could before in a casual, fun setting.



Vintage Breaks always offer the BEST VALUE for your break.  Taxes, shipping, and holders to protect your order are always included into your $29.50 spot!  The price you see is the price you'll pay.

You always get your purchase!  This event has 300 spots - ALL spots take home item you land on in the random.  Whether you land on first place or 300th, you get your purchase.  We don't leave team breaks, division or player spots to chance - you'll never go home empty-handed from our sister company, Vintage Breaks.


If you're wondering how these special events go, check out the break we recently did with NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry!  



How good was Andre?  When Reed retired from the NFL, he was second on the all-time receptions list; the man caught everything! Watch some awesome Andre Reed highlights and we'll see you on Thursday!





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