1910-11 S74 Silks Collection

Vintage Attic Find From Virginia
  • March 25, 2016

S74 Christy Mathewson SilkIssued as premiums with select American Tobacco Company products from 1910 through 1911, the satin-like S74 Silks were issued in two primary styles. The "Whites" (often referred to as S74-1) were issued in both 1910 and featured a paper backing advertising one of four of the ATC's brands. These "backed" silks measured approximately 1 7/8" x 3" and are very difficult to find with the backing intact. Over the years, many of the silks have separated from their backs, but they can still be identified when compared to the "Colored" silks (also identified as S74-2) because of both their color and the fact that the "Colored" silks, while not backed, featured the advertising printed at the top and the bottom of the silk and also measured a slightly larger 1 7/8" x 3 ½".

Roger Bresnahan S74 SilkFeaturing the same images that were used on the T205 Gold Border release, the 1910 White S74-1 Silk set consisted of 92 different players while the 1911 Colored S74-2 Silk set reached a total of 122 players not counting the additional color variations. The advertising backs of the S74-1 Set were sponsored by Old Mill, Turkey Red, Helmar and Red Sun tobaccos. The Red Sun is considered to be quite rare.

Extremely fragile and originally intended to be sewn into blankets or pillows, many silks did not survive the duration of the past 100+ years since their release. We're happy to have been able to purchase this collection from a woman in Virginia who found them in her aunt's attic in the early 1970's and recently decided to sell them. We are even more pleased to be able to share these unique pieces of history with you.

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