1914 Cracker Jack Napoleon Lajoie

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  • August 09, 2014

Napoleon Lajoie 1914 Cracker Jack


Second base and Nap Lajoie.  Like Abbott & Costello or peanut butter & jelly, some things just go together naturally. The baseball immortal assembled an incredible baseball career with the Philadelphia Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies and the Cleveland Naps - a team NAMED FOR HIM. Not only is he considered one of the games’ greatest second baseman, but also as one of the greatest hitters and all-round players to ever play in the Big Leagues.  Larry “Nap” Lajoie played his first professional baseball games in New England for less than $5 a game, and entered the Major Leagues in 1896. His lone year with the Phillies was an offensive killer. He led the National league in hits, runs, home runs, doubles and nearly every other batting category. Along the way, Nap soared to an astounding 20th century high batting average of .426.

Recorded for posterity in several issues of pre-war baseball cards, Lajoie is a prominent entry in the 1914 Cracker Jack set, issued only in boxes of the candy coated confection.  Cards from the 1914 set, unlike Cracker Jack's offering from one year later, are almost always found with candy stains from the product sharing the boxes with these premiums.

1914 Cracker Jack #66 Napoleon Lajoie Cleveland SGC 50 Well Centered 

The bold red background surrounding the in action image of Lajoie in a "throwing follow through" just draws your eyes to the beautiful card.  Like the text at the top of the card states, you just know you’re looking at a “Ball Player”.  This image from the popular set earned an SGC grade of 50 Very Good-Excellent.  Your close inspection may lead you to the fact that it may be closer to the EX end of the grade than VG.  Clean, sharp corners, great surface, tremendously well-centered, and only the slightest aging and a hint of candy stains keep this example from the EX or high rating.  The presentation is that good. Lajoie was so popular upon his arrival in Cleveland, that the fans and ownership honored their star by nicknaming the team “Naps” after him.  His 1914 Cracker Jack card #66 shows Lajoie in a uniform jersey listing “Cleveland” on front, not his name “Nap(s)”. What else goes together naturally? This edition of baseball’s greatest second baseman and your collection. Don't miss your chance to own this card.


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