1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Foursome

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  • October 14, 2016


Just Collect has traveled to quite a few locations to examine, assess and provide appraisals on collections.  One of the most common issues that we come across is people over estimating the condition of their cards.  Over estimating condition greatly impacts the perceived value of the collection versus the actual value based upon condition and market value.  In most cases, we can explain and demonstrate the differences in condition and find a common ground with the owner of the collection.  In rare occasions, we reach an impasse.  We understand that we may always be able to reach agreement on condition, but obviously, we cannot pay EX/MT and higher prices when a collection is mostly VG.  We have created a guide for people to use to help better understand the condition of their cards and how to grade them.

Recently, on our buying trip in Florida, we looked at one extensive collection owned by a hobby veteran who has been collecting for more than 60 years. We initially began reviewing the collection by looking at a series of complete Topps Sets from 1953 and some partial sets (including a near set of 1933 Goudey). We couldn't agree on valuation and condition and ran into two common issues. The first was condition, which is not uncommon with hobby vets that are more familiar with the old-school grading which had POOR, EXCELLENT and MINT (and MINT would mean pack fresh -- and centering wasn't a concern).  The second was pricing -- again, not uncommon for people that have relied on price guides for decades.  The raw vintage collection, while ranging from GD to EX/MT, presented nicely.  Unfortunately, the owner valued his VG 1953 Topps Baseball Set "ranging from $9000 to $15,000" based upon the High and Low columns in his price guide.  This was an example of someone seeing the price guide, but not completely understanding how to utilize the tools.  For the set to have ranged from "9000 to $15,000, it would've had to have been in EX/MT to NM condition.  A VG set would typically be about 30% of the ranges the owner was suggesting and would actually range in value from $3000 to $5000.


Interestingly, he also had a partial 1933 Goudey Baseball Set in PR to VG condition.  Again, we reached a roadblock on valuing the ungraded cards because of a difference in condition versus his perception of the price guide valuations.  BUT, and this just demonstrates that third party grading makes it easier to buy and sell cards, the only graded cards that he had in the Goudey collection were the 4 Babe Ruth cards that he had graded (all four were consecutive certification numbers) and they were all PSA graded.  The PSA graded cards allowed both the owner and Just Collect to be on the same ground with respect to valuation and after showing the owner the sales history of the PSA graded cards, his own notes and research, we were able to reach a purchase agreement on the 4 Babe Ruth Goudey cards.  


Although we were unable to come to a meeting of the minds on the ungraded portion of the collection during our appointment, the owner better understood the current market, condition and pricing and said that he just needed some time to reassess and reevaluate his collection.  Despite a only selling us a few cards, he was pleased with the time and the attention that he received from Just Collect and will contact us when he is in a better position to sell some or all of his collection.

We would have loved to have been able to provide better images, but Babe Ruth cards are so in demand, that we had a purchase offer for the entire lot before we could muster quality pictures of all four cards individually.  If you've got any 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards, or any pre-1950 Babe Ruth cards for that matter, please contact don't wait to contact us!  We are very interested in purchasing more cards!


1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Lot


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