1953 Topps #244 Willie Mays PSA 6

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  • August 20, 2014

When Willie Mays broke into the majors as centerfielder for the New York Giants in 1951, he made an immediate impact and was the named the National League's rookie of the year. However, Mays was soon drafted into the United States Army and would miss most of the 1952 and all of the 1953 seasons. As a result fans of the 'Say Hey Kid' would only be able to see their hero on baseball cards, and in 1953 Topps delivered one of Mays' most memorable cards, which is presented here in a desirable PSA 6 EX-MT example that is well centered.

In 1953 Topps moved away from photography and turned towards artwork, which their rival Bowman had popularized in their 1950s set. For almost all of the cards issued in the 1953 Topps set a portrait of the player was used, but in later series the artists were allowed some leeway and creative poses were used. Fortunately, Mays was one of the later series stars selected for this treatment and he is shown in a full body fielding pose. This image is considered to be the most popular in the 1953 Topps set, and ranks high among all of the cards issued in the era.1953 Topps #244 Willie Mays Giants PSA 6 Well Centered  The black background behind Mays' name, position, and team that extends to the borders is notorious for chipping and as a result cards from the 1953 Topps set are plagued with condition issues. The card has survived its 61 years of existence free of wrinkles, and has maintained four strong corners. Also of note is the excellent centering on this Mays card, as numerous examples can be found that are off center. Willie Mays is always in the debate concerning the greatest player of all time. Mays is a 2 time MVP with 24 All-Star game appearances and 12 Gold Glove awards. His 660 career home runs are good for 4th all time and his career marks in other offensive categories still stand the test of time. When he led the Giants to the 1954 World Series he made the greatest catch in the history of the sport when he caught a deep drive off the bat of Vic Wertz in what has also become one of the game's most iconic visuals. His unmatched combination of speed, defense, and offense have resulted in Mays being acclaimed the greatest centerfielder in the history of the game. Whether you are working on a 1953 Topps set, a Willie Mays player collection, or are amassing an assemblage of the greatest player's best cards, this 1953 Topps #244 Willie Mays PSA 6 EX-MT is well suited for your collection. 


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