The 1960 Topps Baseball PSA Set Collection

Just Collect Acquires High-End 1960 Topps Set From California
  • May 21, 2015

1960 Topps Cards

1960 Topps Baseball set. Completely graded. All PSA 8's and higher. Bought from a guy out in California last week. It was the easiest transaction we've had in years.

Scratch that. "Easy" is the wrong word to use here. It took a lot of work to get the processes in place and running smoothly. It just seemed easy because our buying process is honest, straightforward, and seamless. It seemed easy because we got a lead through our website. But it took years to develop a user-friendly website that professionally displays our brand and describes our selling process. It seemed easy because we made the seller an offer within hours. But it takes a lot of work, from a lot of different people, to accurately appraise an entire collection. It seemed easy because the seller decided, without hesitation, to ship his cards 3000 miles across the country to us. But that took 9 years of reputation building for him to earn our trust. Behind the scenes it's a grind, but to everyone else, it's "easy", and that's exactly what we want every potential seller to know. I'd say the transaction was "seamless". One of the most efficient ones we've had in recent memory.

The set is absolutely stunning. Mantle. Mays. Aaron. Clemente. Koufax. Yaz rookie. McCovey rookie. All NM/MT and better. The 1960 Topps set itself is one of the finest ones ever created, from its plethora of Hall of Famers, to its luminous imagery & layout, to its scarcity - it stands out from every other 1960's set. All the big stars from the era are present in the set, and you can't beat the dual-image design and vivid colors. There have been over 5,000 Mickey Mantle examples submitted to PSA for grading, and only about 5% have reached or exceeded the NM/MT threshold - which speaks to its rarity. Over 2,000 Hammerin' Hanks have been encapsulated, with less than 10% graded PSA 8 or higher. With hundreds and hundreds of people actively collecting this set, this forces premiums on high graded examples because not everyone can own one.

Building a complete set of the 572 cards is a tall order all by itself. Amassing one of this caliber is almost unfathomable, as it would take years of hard work and dedication, paired with a well-trained eye. But, it did happen, and this 1960 Topps set is now one of the best in the world. We recently purchased this completely graded 1960 Topps set from a collector out in California, who had spent years putting it together. From opening packs as a kid, to buying select singles throughout young adulthood, to upgrading cards and filling in the holes before retiring, he was able to finish the set - and it's a task we all dream of: set completion. You can't really account for all the time and effort it takes to do such a thing, all we can do it just sit back and admire. Kudos to this man.

With retirement in full swing, and a recent move from the mid-west to the pacific coast, he decided it was finally time to part ways with this beast. We were fortunate enough to be on the other end of the phone when he decided to pick it up and sell his collection. And now we are sharing his collection with you, piece by piece. Instead of re-selling the set as a whole, we are auctioning off every card from this immaculate set, individually. The vast majority of the cards are up on eBay now, and end this Sunday night. Get your bids in now!

This is a classic example of buying right. It's the advice we give everyone. Buy the best you can afford, and stay consistent. It will pay off in the end.

As mentioned above, this transaction was rather pleasant,  as we both understood each other's goals. After a quick conversation, he was able to send over a complete list of his collection, which we were able to appraise by the end of that day. We had an offer ready for him first thing the following morning, and we received the cards three days later. All-in-all, it took less than five business days to complete this rather robust transaction, and everyone ended up a winner.

We are always buying vintage sets, both graded and ungraded. Give us a call today to find out what your collection is worth! We provide free appraisals on all vintage collections, and can make you an offer within 24 hours! If you have an extremely large or valuable collection (like this 1960 Topps set), we can offer free FedEx shipping or possibly travel to you.


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