Boyfriend Bowls Boy Over with Collection of 1958 Topps Baseball Cards!

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  • October 07, 2015


How did you build your vintage card collection?  Did you buy packs and build sets?  Most youngsters that grew up before the new millennium remember buying packs, chewing the gum (yes, they put gum in the packs with the cards) and trading with their friends.  There wasn’t an Internet or eBay or even that many card shows or conventions.  Recently, we were contacted by a gentleman who found us through our website on the Internet. He was interested in selling his 1958 Topps Baseball Collection to us and how he assembled his set was a new one for us, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

His collection included some PSA graded cards of the major stars and most of the rest of the set was ungraded. And after exchanging a few e-mails and preparing some preliminary evaluations, the gentleman agreed to ship his collection from Illinois area to our office in New Jersey.  We provided him with our FedEx account information for him to ship his collection at our expense.  The collection was fully insured during the entirety of the transit of the 1,000 or so miles it would be traveling to us.  Once it arrived in office, we confirmed receipt with the gentleman and fully inspected and confirmed the contents. The collection had several duplicates of some of the best cards from the set in varying conditions.  There were two Mickey Mantles in a PSA 6 EX/MT and a PSA  6 (ST),  a pair of Roberto Clementes in a PSA  8 (OC) and PSA 2 GD, a tandem of Willie Mays in a PSA 6 EX/MT and PSA 7 NM and twin Hank Aarons in a PSA 7 (OC) and PSA 3 VG.  Also included in the set was a low grade rookie card of Roger Maris, who would be traded to the New York Yankees from the Kansas City A’s and then one year later, would break the single season home run record set by Babe Ruth with 61 dingers in the 1961 season. This collection is unique for how it was assembled more so than the contents.  It wasn’t like the typical story of building a collection by opening packs, trading with friends or getting cards at the local card show.  Instead, this collection was given to the gentleman when he was a youngster of about 12 or 13 years old in the late 1980’s.  They were given to him by the man that was dating the gentleman’s mother.  The suitor had given him the cards collected them himself when he was a youngster – cards that he managed to keep in very nice condition. In an attempt to impress the boy’s mother, the man gave the lad the collection of cards in an old wooden box with a hinged lid on it.  Upon receiving them, the boy’s eyes light up with excitement.  The cards must’ve seemed ancient as they were far older than any cards in his collection.  He had told his mother’s boyfriend that the cards were really valuable, but the boyfriend just chalked it up as just the exuberance and enthusiasm of a teenaged baseball card collector getting some “brand new” old cards. Recalling the story, the young boy, now a grown man, noted that “the boyfriend scored brownie points with my mom, but in the long run, I scored financially.” He would then hang onto the collection for more than a quarter of a century before contacting us looking to sell. We negotiated with the gentleman on a price for the collection and after finalizing numbers and a brief negotiation, we came to an agreement to purchase the collection from him and he was able to finally cash in on the gift that was used to impress his mom many years ago. Many of the cards from this 1958 Topps collection will be listed in our eBay auctions in the coming weeks. Do you have a complete set of 1958 Topps Baseball or other vintage cards? We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us through our website to find out more about selling your collection to us.


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