Found Some Old Baseball Cards? 5 Things to Do

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  • April 20, 2020

Stuck inside the house? Doing some spring cleaning? If you come across your old baseball card collection; what should you do? 

We’ve had customers find valuable cards in their attics, inside their walls, tucked away in old bibles, jammed into cookie tins, in photo albums, glued to poster boards, in old storage units and even in trash bags. 

So how should you proceed when you dig up a dusty old collection? Here’s five quick tips. 

Take them out and look through them, appreciate their simple beauty, or just read some cool stats on the back :)

Turn on some music, open some windows in your home office and go through your cards. Look through them to find a treasure you might have missed. Enjoy the process.


Get them in order

Sleeve them, catalog them, archive them, organize them into digital files. You’ve got the time. 

Make sure they’re accessible

If a card gets “hot” and an opportunity to trade or sell comes up --- you want to be ready. You might also have duplicates that you didn’t even notice. 

Look up current market values

Prices do fluctuate --- look up the current estimated values for your cards on vintagecardprices or by checking eBay completed sales. 

Call in an expert (optional)

If you want to get an even more accurate appraisal, or you’re interested in selling, bring in an expert for a valuation. You can get the retail prices as well as potentially a cash offer on the spot. All you have to do is send scans of your cards, or just take a few pictures on your phone

So if you have any:

  • baseball cards

  • basketball cards

  • football cards

  • hockey cards

  • jerseys

  • memorabilia

  • vintage non-sport cards

  • postcards

  • or sports collectibles...


Why not go through them? Many sports cards are still setting record prices. You could be sitting on the next undiscovered treasure

Happy hunting.



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