Just Collect's End of the Year Sale!

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  • December 27, 2013
Just a few days remain in 2013 but for us at Just Collect, one of North America’s most prolific sellers of vintage sports cards, it is time to crank up, not wind it down. We have launched over 10,000 individual listings on eBay all ending tonight through Sunday, ranging from 1911 Sporting Life to 1930’s Goudey Premiums, classic 1950’s Topps baseball to high end 1980s football rookie cards.  Every lot starts with a minimum bid of 99 cents, regardless of book value. These auctions mark the last hurrah of what was a busy year for Just Collect. Our company was a fixture at major shows around the country this year and we bought hundreds of thousands of cards across the country, many via the mail. We do the bulk of our selling via eBay, with new auctions launched every week.  The low starting bids and our large email list ensure that most of our cards will change hands when each listing period ends. We’ve sold over 100,000 vintage singles so far in 2103.  We have lots of great inventory and holiday time is a great time to sell on eBay. We currently have more cards up for true auction than any single eBay seller. The vast majority of what’s being offered this week are single cards.  There are over 100 different 1952 Topps, a total of over 4,800 Topps and Bowman from the 1950’s and 1960’s including stars like Mantle, Ryan, Rose and Clemente, Rookies, Short Prints and High Numbers and some vintage non-sports cards. To see the 10,000+ cards up for bid, click  here.   


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