Mickey Mantle Cards Still Paying Dividends

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  • March 30, 2016



Mickey Mantle Topps and Bowman CardsMickey Mantle last played in a Major League baseball game in 1968 for the New York Yankees.  Nearly 50 years later, Mickey is still one of the hottest names in the collecting hobby.  While reports of record setting prices for Mantle's 1952 Topps #311 card are regular stories across the country, there is still significant value in many of the other cards from his playing days -- and they don't even have to be in MINT condition to generate an appreciable return.

A collector recently contacted Just Collect and was in the beginning stages of selling some of his collection.  After checking the Internet and searching sellers, he forwarded some images of a portion of his Mickey Mantle collection to "test the waters," and was very pleased with the speed in which he was provided an appraisal and was comfortable with the valuation and the offer for the mid-grade condition cards.  Understanding that the final offer would be after the cards were reviewed in-person, he agreed to send this small group of his collection to Just Collect's Somerset, NJ office for final inspection, appraisal and offer.  Just Collect received that cards, performed the appraisal and presented the offer promptly and the seller was so satisfied with the appraisal and offer, that he accepted and plans to send more of his collection to Just Collect.

Mickey Mantle Topps and Bowman CardsTopps Mickey Mantle Cards


Just Collect is always interested in purchasing Mickey Mantle cards from his playing days 1951 through 1969 (his last card was actually issued after he retired during Spring Training in 1969).  


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