Opening Packs with Pete Rose & Tony Dorsett

Sports Legends Join Us to Open Packs of Cards
  • December 09, 2018


Leighton Sheldon & Pete Rose


If you had told me a year ago, that I'd be spending my weekend opening old packs of cards with Pete Rose and Tony Dorsett, I would have told you that you're out of your mind. When I started Vintage Breaks last year, I was just trying to fill a void that the hobby had. Access to vintage unopened material is so hard to get. And even if you do, it becomes very expensive. So, if I was somehow able to give collectors access to this material at a fraction of the price, and we could do it in a fun and exciting way, then everybody wins. That's literally how Vintage Breaks was born. However, I never dreamed of chumming it up with legends like Pete Rose and Tony Dorsett, or even entrepreneurs like Gary Vee. It's all come so fast since we hit that Mantle, and this wave we have been riding has been incredible.

This past weekend, we were set up at the Philly Show, doing our usual buying, selling, and breaking. During our live break session on Saturday, we had the pleasure of having Tony Dorsett as our guest. Yes, Hall of Famer TONY DORSETT! We opened up a few packs of 1978 Topps Football cards -- looking for his rookie card. His rookie card is rare in high grade, and is worth thousands of dollars. Only 12 examples have ever been graded a PSA 10, and the last one sold for over $14,000! What better shot do you have at pulling a gem mint rookie of Dorset than from an unopened vintage pack? And even in a PSA 9, it's still worth around $350-$400.

Although we didn't pull his rookie card, we still had a blast, and the cards came out exceptionally sharp and pretty well-centered. There should be a lot of high-grade cards that came out of those packs. We also got some nice Hall of Famers in there too, like Terry Bradshaw.

As if it couldn't get any better, the following day, we sat down with MLB's hit king Pete Rose -- where he told some jokes, shared stories from his playing days, and had some advice for the younger generation. It was truly unbelievable. We busted open a cello pack of 1970 Topps baseball cards, specifically looking for his card (#580). How cool would that be if we were able to pull that card, live on camera, with him sitting right there?! And if it came out sharp and centered? In a PSA 10, the card would be worth about $4000! In a PSA 9, between $400-$500!

Even though we didn't get a Pete Rose in the pack, we did pull two Pete Richert cards, and that actually ended up being the funniest part of the weekend. As we pulled out the second Richert, I made a comment that since we pulled two of Richert - we potentially could pull two cards of his cards - as Topps didn't exactly have the best quality assurance 48 years ago. And without hesitation, that's when Mr. Rose said "don't bet on it", and that he's "never bet on cards before". It was hilarious. Check out that video clip here:



We sure had a lot of fun, as did the awesome crowd that formed around the booth - so we hope we can do this again with Mr. Charlie Hustle in the near future!

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