The Red Man Tobacco Card Collection

RedMan, Post Cereal & Bowman Cards Highlight This Tennessee Collection
  • February 04, 2015


Warren Spahn Red Man Card


We recently partnered with Cardboard Connection, who is the premier online source when it comes to breaking news in the sports card industry. They get thousands of visits a day from collectors worldwide who are looking for more information regarding their sports cards. Such as new releases, checklists, current values, and how to sell their collections - and that is where we come in. Just Collect specializes in buying vintage sports cards and memorabilia, ranging from 1875-1976. We also have a wealth of experience dealing with modern collections, such as autographed, relic and serial numbered cards. We are looking to purchase large collections of both, while also offering free appraisals. Here is a collection we were able to purchase last week from a collector down in Tennessee. He mailed the cards into our office, and we provided him with a free appraisal on his entire collection. After the appraisal was finished we made him an offer, which he accepted, and we mailed him a check the next day. The deal went quick and smooth, and we are excited to show you what it consisted of! Campanella, Rizzuto & Spahn Red Man Cards

The best part of the collection were the (100) Red Man tobacco cards. We never get Redman cards in! Well, maybe I shouldn't say “never” – but they are few and far in between. Back in the 1950's, these Redman “Chewers” initially came with tabs, but collectors cut the tabs (stubs) off and sent them in for a promotion, where in exchange for the tabs, they received a “Red Man Big League Style Baseball Cap.” This is why the vast majority found today come without the tabs, and the ones that still have the tabs intact, come at a premium. These tobacco cards were also produced over a three year span (1953-55), which makes collecting each set difficult, as they might be tough to find and identify. Of the three sets, the 1954 Red Man Tobacco is definitely the toughest to find overall, as only 2600 (or so) examples have been submitted to PSA for grading. And forget about finding Gem Mint examples, regardless of which year you are collecting. Of the 9600+ that have been encapsulated by PSA, only four, yes FOUR, have earned the PSA 10 Gem Mint distinction. Only about 3% even reach the PSA 9 Mint threshold. What’s even better? This collection is loaded with stars, such as Duke Snider, Phil Rizzuto, Warren Spahn, Casey Stengel, and Nellie Fox, just to name a few. We aren't saying that these examples are  in Mint condition, but they aren't Poor either. It’s a very nice group of sharp looking Red Man cards – something we’d buy any day of the week!



The collection also included a number of 1949 Bowman Baseball cards, and a nice group of '63 Post Cereal Baseball cards, highlighted by Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax. Again, the cards aren’t in perfect condition, but they present very nice – which is right up the alley for most collectors. The collection didn’t end there. It was also loaded with a few hundred star cards from the 1970s. Again, they all ended up being mid-grade, but they definitely still hold some decent value. We are excited to see how some of these cards end up grading out with PSA, and they will be available for sale via our eBay auctions in the next few weeks. 1970 Baseball Stars

With the help of Cardboard Connection, we were able to get this lead, and close it in less than a week, which made everyone happy. Do you have a collection for sale? If so, contact us today for a free appraisal to see what your cards are worth! For a closer look into this collection, check out the video:


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