T206 Fairy Godmother Find

Fairy Godmother Leaves Rare Baseball Card Treasure w/ T206 Eddie Plank
  • July 01, 2016

Eddie Plank T206

We are extremely proud to announce our newest acquisition, the "Fairy Godmother T206 Collection", a recent find from the Boston area. This collection of cards consists of over 350 different T206 baseball cards, 60 of which are Hall of Famers, including the ultra-rare Eddie Plank card! This collection is also highlighted by Ty Cobb, Cy Young, and Christy Mathewson (three examples of each). These cards have taken an incredible journey over the last century, as they were passed down from the original owner to his sister, down to her godson, then to his son, and has now finally entered the hobby for the first time since the cards were originally collected over 100 years ago! The backstory and purchase of this collection was so incredible, that we partnered with Forbes.com to break the news to the industry. Read the full article here: 'Fairy' Godmother Leaves Valuable 100-Year-Old Baseball Cards 

Check out the video below:




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