The T207 Brown Background Story

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  • July 08, 2012
After the three-year run of the ultra-popular T206 cards ended in 1911, along came another tobacco card set from the American Tobacco Company.  It would be the last ATC would produce after the Sherman Act broke the conglomerate apart. The T207 cards were issued 100 years ago this year and they’re much, much more difficult to locate than the T206 or T205 sets that preceded it.  T207s are a little unique compared to their predecessors in that there is a brief biography of each player on the back.  The cards have beige-colored borders and a brown background with the player's last name, team and league in block letters at the bottom. T207s were released at two different times during the 1912 baseball season with the second series being harder to find than the first. This week, we are offering a chance to bid on a 19 different and very nice cards from this 200-player set including some with rare backs.  The T207 cards were issued with eight different back variations and those with an ad for Broadleaf Tobacco are among the toughest to locate today. Our group includes some Hall of Famers too including Smokey Joe Wood, George Moriarity and Roger Bresnahan.  These cards are very respectable with most grading between PSA 3 and PSA 5.  Anything higher than that is nearly impossible to find in the open market. These cards represent a rare chance to put a significant dent in your T207 want list or simply grab a type card from a historically important set in the annals of baseball card collecting. There has been very strong interest in the T207 cards we have up for bid.  Scarce issues, especially those with rare variations, are continuing to heat up as sophisticated collectors understand and appreciate them. If you have vintage baseball cards, especially those that are hard to find, and are thinking of selling or consigning them, we’d love to hear from you.  Because our auctions run weekly, we can liquidate them for you more quickly than most and legions of collectors look forward to seeing what’s new inside our listings each week.  


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