Buying a 1962 Topps Collection During a Pandemic

Buying and Selling Mantle, Maris, and Mays through the Mail
  • October 21, 2020

Mantle and Perry

A gorgeous binder of 1962 Topps baseball cards arrived in our mailbox this week from a collection we purchased thanks to a gentleman in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Yes - the mailbox.  Look at the cardboard gold we just bought and learn how you can sell safely without worrying about the pandemic or travel restrictions. 

Selling your card collection has been difficult as we all struggle with both safety and restrictions that come with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We're very aware of the issues and the way we just obtained a new collection is a solution to your worries!  We'll tell you an easy way to sell your items, but first - the goodies:

1962 Topps Baseball

  • 598 cards to the set
  • 7 different series
  • Short Prints in series 7
  • Debut of multi-player rookie cards
  • 10 special Babe Ruth cards

With the wood grain background, making the card look like a solid piece of lumber that the Babe would have carried to the plate with him makes for such a unique design for the 1962 Topps set.

There are TONS of variations in the set, too.  Look over any 1962 card you have.  Some cards have players with team logos missing from hats, and some of the cards have a green tint.  

Hall of Famers and Stars:

  • #1 Roger Maris
  • # 5 Sandy Koufax
  • #10 Roberto Clemente 
  • #25 Ernie Banks
  • #200 Mickey Mantle
  • #300 Wilie Mays

Just a sample of the baseball royalty in the entire set.

From a history stand point alone, this set features Maris at card #1 on his first card after breaking Babe Ruth's record for most home runs in a season. 

Our Newest Collection

We are excited to show you our newest purchase: those very 1962 Topps cards!

A collector from Eastern Pennsylvania reached to use with a binder full of beauties.  In our mailbox came:

Mantle and Perry



Mays and Maris

Just like you remember setting up your collection as a kid!  You get those 9-pocket pages, a three-ring binder, and put your cards in order. This collection has some of the big names we mentioned earlier, too:

  • #1 Roger Maris
  • #5 Sandy Koufax
  • #199 Gaylord Perry (x5)
  • #200 Mickey Mantle (x2)
  • #218 Joe Torre (x4)
  • #300 Willie Mays (x2)
  • #387 Lou Brock (x2)

Five - FIVE Gaylord Perry rookie cards!  The cards, like most vintage sets are, are very good to excellent.  When you pick up two Mickey Mantle cards, no grade is a bad grade, though :)  A mantle in mid-grade, say a PSA 5, is still worth around $400! 

You're thinking "mailbox - you skipped mailbox..."   Yep - mail!

Selling Your Collection During Covid

We know how difficult selling your collection in times like this can be; travel restrictions and safety are important.  There is an easy work around here with us!

First - let's get your cards appraised.  We offer a FREE APPRAISAL; you can't can't beat free!  

If you have way too many cards to photograph and send in, a quick and easy way is to do what our 1962 Topps collector did - mail them!

After you have filled out that appraisal form, call, e-mail or chat us up on either Facebook or Twitter to coordinate mailing your cards to us.  Everyone in our office will gladly make it super easy to schedule you mailing the cards in.

Take a look on HOW TO PACKAGE your cards to ship.  This is important - we don't want your cards to bump around in the mail truck and risk getting damaged.

Shipping your cards to us saves you a great deal of time looking at every single card and sending tons of e-mails (we know your inbox has a size limit when sending messages).  We'll do all the hard work!  We dig going through cards anyway. We will evaluate your cards for FREE!  If you choose not to sell the cards,  we will ship them back shipping fees paid by us!

No unnecessary travel - no risk of venturing out during a pandemic - a smooth, easy process to sell your cards.

Let's take a gander at your cards now - plenty of ways to reach us:



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