Game-Used Baseball Bats Added to PSA Population Report

30 Baseball Greats Added to the Report
  • September 19, 2021


Game-Used baseball bats are now available on the PSA population report. You can have your bat authenticated and view statistics of bats used by the game's all-time greats.

PSA announced that they added game-used baseball bats to their population report. Now you can get your bat authenticated and know just how many bats exist, use that knowledge to perhaps purchase a game-used bat, or geek out over the stats like we love to do.

Staring with the first 30 players from the book "Legendary Lumber – The 100 Top Players Bats in Baseball History", PSA has a pop report for game-used bat information on from legends of the early days of baseball such as Babe Ruth to more modern Hall of Famers like Derek Jeter. The top 100 players will worked into the report.

If you're interested in submitting a bat, you can do so HERE.  PSA outlines an easy process of how to download the submission form, check the authentication price, your shipping cost, and how to pack your bat for shipping. The current service levels range between 8 different tier prices with Tier 8 for bats valued at $499 or less and Tier 1 bats with a value of $50,000 or higher. You can also opt to have the bat graded on top of the authentication.  The site states turnaround time is approximately 30 business days.

Checking out the brand new POP REPORT  there are 98 bats from Babe Ruth that have been authenticated, one of which was used to hit his 60th home run in the 1927 season.  That bat sold for $660,000! There are unique pieces of lumbar, too.  Willie Mays' bat from the 1971 All-Star game is on the report, and a corked bat from 1985 used by Pete Rose. In total there are now 3,067 bats among 30 baseball greats on the report for you to read up on.  Here's a fun question - if you owned the bat with cork in it, would you ask Pete about it if you ever met him?


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