Kobe Bryant Game-Worn Finals Jersey For Sale

Kobe's 2009 Game 3 Finals Jersey is Available
  • January 18, 2021

The jersey that Kobe Bryant wore in the 2009 NBA Finals over the Magic is available to buy.  Even if you can't afford to scoop up this piece of history, check out the gorgeous Lakers jersey Kobe donned on his way to Finals MVP before it is stashed away in a private home forever.

A huge piece of NBA history is currently at auction - a game-worn jersey that Kobe Bryant wore in the 2009 Finals! 

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  • Worn in Game 3 of 2009 Finals on June 9th 
  • Scored 31 points
  • First time on the market!

While the Lakers lost Game 3 of the Finals to the Orlando Magic 104 to 108, Kobe and company went on to win games 4 and 5 to capture the team's 15th championship.  Kobe was awarded the Finals MVP for his performance in the series.  

Kobe was out to prove himself and the Mamba legacy in the 2009 Finals.  After Shaquille O'Neal departed the Lakers, the team failed to win a ring without him. In 2008, Kobe and the Lakers made it to the finals but lost to the Celtics.  The 09 championship brought a huge deal of redemption Kobe's way.


GREY FLANNEL AUCTIONS is offering the jersey and the bidding wends on Wednesday, January 20th.

At last check, the bidding was already at $80,000.  I can't afford to drop 80 grand on jersey - not without my wife asking me for a divorce faster than you could read this story, but if you've got the means this would be an incredible addition to your collection.  If you're in the same boat as I am, at least you can see what the jersey looks like before it's in private collection, hidden from the world!


Love seeing the Larry O'Brien trophy patch right on the Mamba's jersey.

In 2000, Topps Gold Label put swatches of game-used finals jerseys on cards.  I'm actually a Pacers and after they lost to the Lakers in the '00 Finals, it's tough to buy those cards, but if you want a piece of Lakers finals history they won't set you back 80 + grand!  Here is a Shaq card on eBay.  If you're into cards like that, make sure to check out our sister company, Vintage Breaks. Breaking packs and sets is what Vintage Breaks does and they're always Kobe hunting!  In fact, VB pulled this gem a few days ago:

Twitter User vintage_breaks

Flash back to the great Stu Scott and Magic with highlights of the night Kobe wore that Finals jersey:




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