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Our Favorite Political Cardboard
  • January 17, 2021

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With Inauguration Day coming on Wednesday, January 20th, we put together a lit of our favorite pieces of political cardboard.  No matter what your views are, there is always something in the card world for you to collect and bond over!  From rookies to autographs, we'll rundown what you may want in your collection!

The beauty of cards and memorabilia collecting is that there is always something for everyone, no matter what you enjoy.  The hobby bonds us regardless of whatever else we may disagree on!  For example - you may love the Yankees and your neighbor the Red Sox, but you both find joy in ripping packs of Topps in search of your favorite players.  Politics is in the same way - no matter which side you're on, there is always a product with something for us all! 

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1972 Topps U.S. Presidents

As a Topps collector, I must start off with a classic Topps product.  Wax packs included cards of former Presidents, the candidates, and a poster along with that stick of gum Topps is known for.  

  • 43 base cards
  • 1-36 are Presidents in order from Washington to Nixon
  • 37-43 are Candidate cards
  • 15 poster cards

PSA Pop report shows zero PSA 10 graded George Washington cards, so that's a fun one to chase!  Be the first to get a PSA 10 of the first US President. The value on 1972 Topps cards is nowhere near the set Topps released in 1956!  An ungraded set of the 1956 cards will run you close to $900 right now.  Normally I go vintage first but 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents to me is cooler than 1956 simply because there are more Presidents to choose from!

YouTube User Vintage_Breaks

Here is a pack opening from our sister company, Vintage Breaks.  We love teaming up with Vintage Breaks as you're able to get into vintage or current packs and even set breaks.  In one show you could see a 1951 set break or 2020 pack back and even non-sports like this 1972 Topps U.S. Presidents pack opening:


2008 Topps Campaign

While I may be showing favor to Topps, putting the 08 Campaign set on the list of Political Cardboard is a must because of the GOLD variations. Remember when Topps introduced gold cards in 1992?  One gold card per box.  Then in 1993, Topps put 1 gold card in every pack!  Love the gold cards!  

  • 16 base cards
  • 4 gold variations

The gold variants belong to Obama (rookie card), Biden, Clinton (Hillary), and Huckabee.  A set is available right now for about $25.  Gimme all the gold!


2016 Leaf Decision

Leaf did something rather unusual in their 2016 set - they shredded money.  We have seen some amazing things being placed on cards from gold to autographs and even diamonds.  Leaf actually used shredded currency from the Federal Reserve.  Shredded money - ripped money.   Let that sink in for a second - Leaf shredded money and put them on a card.  Talk about increasing the cost to make a card!  For no reason other than the uniqueness of putting real, shredded money onto a card, I have to include the 2016 Leaf Decision on list.  We can argue about politics all day but we can both agree that we'd love to not rip our money up...   Check out a photo of a money card HERE.

  • The full checklist is HERE.

Historic Autographs POTUS 

The company Historic Autographs has released various cards and sets over the last few years.  There are base cards, signed cards, even DNA cards that have pieces of hair from Presidents - yes, hair.  My favorite is the 2018 Historic Autographs POTUS. Every box has:

  • 63 base cards
  • 3 stamp cards (real US stamps)
  • 2 coin cards (real coins)
  • 2 autographs - 1 President and 1 additional of VP, First Lady, or Cabinet member

Back to collecting being something we can ALL enjoy  - this box is exactly that.  There are cards, stamps, coins, and autographs!  What I love about the autos is that each are encased and not only will you pull a President's signature, but also maybe the First Lady or VP!  The base set has ALL the Presidents (until Wednesday, at least), so no matter which party you enjoy, there is a card for you. The boxes are nice, too  - little wooden briefcases.  I love this set.

Here is a box opening:


If you have any cool Presidential cards or autographs you'd like to sell, let us know!  Maybe you just have a cool story like getting a picture taken with a President; we'd love to hear about that, too!

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