1957 Topps Basketball Comes to Just Collect

Step Dad's Collection Helps Local Businesses
  • October 23, 2020

Bill Russell

A vintage card collection left from her step dad is allowing a collector help local businesses. We couldn't be more thrilled to take in a 1957 Topps basketball set that includes the iconic Bill Russell rookie card.

When her step dad passed away, an entire vintage card collection was given to a lady that wanted to do great things with her new possessions -help local businesses. 

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The entire collection also included baseball sets from the 1950's, each of which were sold to other local card shops; the step daughter is a big fan of supporting local businesses like Just Collect.  Seeing small and independently-owned companies struggle as we all deal with Covid in 2020 has been tough on everyone. Some smaller shops being unable to open still may not recover. We're so happy to see someone seek out local shops in our industry and help keep the hobby going.  

Just Collect is pleased to have been offered a piece of the collection with a compete 1957 Topps basketball set!

1957 Topps Basketball

Topps filled a huge void in the basketball world that didn't see a release since the 1948 Bowman set! 

Just 80 cards make up the entire set. Before thinking it'll be easy to complete such a small set, this is a TOUGH run of cards to complete given the legendary names on the checklist.  Here are a few names that jump of the page:

  • Bob Cousey
  • Sweetwater Clifton 
  • George Yardley
  • Dolph Schayes
  • Tom Heinsohn
  • Jack Twyman
  • Bob Pettit 

There are 20 Hall of Famers in this set!

Even mid-grade cards in this set will command top-dollar prices.  A 70-year old set with plenty of stars coming off a drought of 9 years without a release - collectors LOVE this set.  The Bob Cousey rookie recently sold for $1,200 in a PSA 4, and that's not even the top card in the set - not by far.  Sorry, Mr. Cousey. 

For an in-depth look into the incredible 1957 Topps Basketball set with the key cards, cool facts, and great insight, check our a piece from our owner, Leighton right HERE.  Leighton is an avid Celtics fan and specializes in vintage cards; you'll love to read this article.

Bill Russell Rookie

Few, if any, players can hold a candle to the accomplishments that Bill Russell has.

  • 2 x NCAA champion
  • 2 x NCAA Player of the Year
  • 11 x NBA Champion
  • 5 x NBA MVP 
  • 12 x NBA All-Star
  • Olympic Gold Medal
  • 2 x NBA Champion as a coach 

The stat standing out is the 11 - ELEVEN championships in the NBA.  Mind you, Russell only played 13 seasons.  Russell and his team, the Celtics, made the NBA finals in 1958 but lost the series.  In 13 years playing, only once did Bill Russell not lead his team to the NBA finals!

It's no surprise that the most coveted card in the 1957 Topps set is card # 77, the Russell rookie!

Bill Russell

That beauty right there is the exact card we were able to obtain from the collection.  A PSA 4 example recently sold for $7,300!  The PSA 5 grade will cost you about $12,200.

Read more about about this Russell rookie as well as a few more of his rare and valuable cards HERE.

The Collection

Look at how gorgeous these cards are.  In a binder filled with 9-pocket pages, this set is perfectly set up to stare at greatness. 


Bob Cousy

Maurice Stokes

Bob Pettit


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