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  • December 08, 2021

T206 Ty Cobb Just Collect

Did you ask Santa Claus for a T206 Ty Cobb card for Christmas? How about ringing in the New Year with a 1993 Topps Derek Jeter gold rookie card. Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, is ready to make those holiday wishes come true with their new Celebration of Baseball event!  You can win over $15,000 in prizes including a Babe Ruth card or thousands in break credit!

Are you on the NICE list this year? A T206 Ty Cobb would like nice in your stocking. Our sister company, Vintage Breaks,is giving away over $15,000 in prizes including the Cobb, a 1993 Topps Gold Derek Jeter rookie, a 1955 Topps Jackie Robinson, thousands in break credit for their card breaks, and more! 

FOUR contests are currently running, each loaded with prizes!


For every $10,000 you accumulate spending at Vintage Breaks now through Sunday, January 23rd at 10:00 PM EST., you will receive one entry into the Platinum VIP Bonus.  No limits here!  If you spend $20,000, you'll have two entries, etc. ONE prize, and it's incredible.  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top spot wins! WINNER TAKE ALL FOR:

T206 Ty Cobb Just Collect


T206 Ty Cobb Bat on Shoulder Variation SGC 2.5!

There are currently only 80 copies of this card graded on the SGC pop report, and this card has great eye appeal. Taking home a Ty Cobb T206 is sure to be the centerpiece of your collection.  This card would knock off one of the "big" cards needed if you're looking to complete the iconic T206 set or may be the spark to begin collecting the set. 


For every $2,500 you accumulate spending at Vintage Breaks now through Sunday, January 23rd at 10:00 PM EST., you will receive one entry into the VIP Bonus.  No limits here either!  If you spend $5,000, you'll have two entries, etc. If you're wondering how much you have accumulated, reach out any time to Sam at (732) 828-2261 or send him an e-mail to   If you're only a few dollars short of an entry, we don't want you to miss out!  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top 3 win!


1. 1929 R316 Kashin Babe Ruth PSA 4

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2. .$3,500 Break Credit toVintage Breaks

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3. 2020 Prizm FOTL Football Box

be20d51a-2020-prizm-football-fotl-box (1)


The top prize is your chance to own the Babe Ruth from the Kashin collection we purchased. An original, graded, Babe Ruth!

If you win the $3,500 break credit, you can choose ANYTHING on Vintage Breaks.  Perhaps you'd rather break it out into 10 or 20 different pack breaks - that's awesome!  Or if you want to go big or go home, you can spend all $3,000 in one shot

Third place will give you a first-off-the-line 2020 Prizm football box to chase rookies of Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert. 


ANY spot you buy at Vintage Breaks now through Sunday, January 23rd at 10:00 PM EST. gets you one entry into the contest.  ZERO limits to this contest - if you buy twice on the Vintage Breaks site, you are entered into the contest twice.  Checkout 50 different times now through the end of the contest and you'll get 50 cracks at the prize list.  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top 10 win!

The best part about the Buy Any Spot promo is that spots cost as little as $3.00!  


1. 1955 Topps Jackie Robinson SGC 3.5


2. 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 4


3. 1993 Topps Gold Derek Jeter Rookie PSA 9

d8e990c4-1993-topps-gold-derek-jeter-psa-9_104e07o000000000000000 (1)

You can't have a baseball event without Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, or Derek Jeter, right? These are just three of the 10 big prizes in this promo, too!


This is a very special prize - you can't buy in!  The only way you can get a spot in this promotion is through bonuses on our the Vintage Breaks shows such as answering trivia questions, as a prize in our social media, or maybe making them laugh! 

Vintage Breaks will random all free entries live on the show and the top 3 spots wins:

1. $500 Break Credit to Vintage Breaks

 2. $250 Just Collect eBay Store Credit

 3. Vintage Breaks T-Shirt + $50 Break Credit


You can see ALL of the prizes, how to enter, where to watch, and all details at: Vintage Breaks Event



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