Uncle Jimmy Auction With Signed Babe Ruth Cards Coming to a Close

Autographed 1933 Babe Ruth Goudey cards among historic treasure haul coming to an end in the "Uncle Jimmy" auction.
  • August 27, 2020


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You probably remember the collection that shocked world a few months ago when the family of "Uncle Jimmy" unearthed a treasure that would make the Baseball Hall of Fame look paltry.   If you didn't follow the collection after the breaking news, you're probably not aware that the cards are at auction and are about to come to a close!  Read where you can bid in the cards to own a piece of baseball history.  

Uncle Jimmy

James Micioni passed away earlier this year at the age of 97.  The WWII veteran was a life-long bachelor and focused his attention on baseball collectibles.  Spending a lifetime picking up pieces of memorabilia, "Uncle Jimmy" would occasionally pass down items to his seven nieces and nephews.  Spending years collecting autographs and cards either through the mail, or in-person, Jimmy told his family that the good stuff was in the attic. 

Living in the same Northern New Jersey home for his life, Jimmy's attic truly did hold "the good stuff."  After Jimmy's passing, the family discovered a collection that looked like a time capsule; a capsule worth millions.  




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The Collection

We'd run out of space if we ere to list out each item that Uncle Jimmy's nieces and nephews discovered in the attic!  We can, however, drop a few highlights here to make you drool.

SIX (6!) Signed 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards

The Bambino has four different cards in the '33 Goudey set, and Uncle Jimmy has them all - autographed. Obtained through the mail, Ruth's signatures are nice and bold on the classic cards.  Jimmy even has doubles.  PSA has 20 signed Ruth Goudey cards on the registry, and six were in one man's attic, unknown to the world until 2020.

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Signed 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig

You didn't think Uncle Jimmy, a Yankee fan, would stop at just the Babe did you?  Card number 92 is signed with a autograph grade of PSA 8; the highest-graded signed Gehrig in the set out of only seven known.

Signed 1939 Play Ball Ted Williams Rookie

Despite being a Yankee fan, Uncle Jimmy respected the greatest players, it seems.  The only true Teddy Ballgame rookie card has just 11 known examples, and this auto is graded an an 8 out of 10.

Signed Newspaper Clippings

Many newspaper clippings were sent out to players for signatures and there are plenty available from Jimmy's collection. Phil Rizzuto and Pee Wee Reese stand out.

The Rest

Aside from the highlights, there are dozens of signed Goudey, Play Ball, and Topps cards available.  Even "common" player-signed cards are appealing; 87 + year-old cards, autographed!  

If you can't afford the six-figure price for a signed Ruth card, some of the auction prices are very reasonable!  The allure of a card that was signed almost a century ago, coming from a man that loved our hobby more than we'll ever know - would be an honor to have one or two in our collection. 


The Auction

Note: This is the THIRD installment of the Uncle Jimmy auction.  Pieces are being auctioned off in batches; the man just had SO much stuff! 

This auction does have TWO of the signed Ruth Goudey cards as well as the Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig! 

If anything, head over to the auction site and see what Uncle Jimmy left behind; these cards are INCREDIBLE.  You may never see a collection like this again.


Buying AND Selling

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